Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Twin Team in Boots


The parking lot was clear and there were 5 other men waiting for Mr. Holland as he pulled into Bettie Weaver this time.  After Monday’s no show from SOJ, he decided to try Twin Team with the hope that Gumbo would Q.  Unfortunately Gumbo had other plans and his family duties called.  With no one on the Q sheet, YHC took over and led the 6 to Twin Team.  After rolling up the hill a little ways, McRib found us to hit the dreaded prime number, 7 total PAX.


Mosey to Twin Team, watch the ice getting out of the parking lot and on sidewalk leading to the cul-de-sac.  Warmup with some SSH, DQ, Arm circles and Squats.  Mosey up Twin Team to find a good starting point.

Modified Jacobs Ladder – 10 strides uphill, 1 burpee, down to the start 10 merkins and 10 WWII, 20 strides, 2 burpees back for 10 and 10.  Continue up to 70 strides and 7 burpees.

Mosey to the top of the hill since Don Draper had never visited Twin Team and McRib hadn’t seen the top in a while.  Mary at the top.  Make our way back down with 10 bear crawl strides, 7 burpees, 20 and 6, 30 and 5, 40 and 4.  Audible to 25 lunges for rounds of 3, 2, and 1 burpees.  All the way to the bottom for 10 merkin ring of fire and then a 10 monkey humper ring of fire (feel the burn).  Back to the parking lot for some Mary to close it out.

Don Draper posted thinking today would be another day of trudging through the snow.  Little did he know that, like my kids, YHC had had enough of the snow and would try for dryer ground.  Twin Team is tough, it’s even tougher when wearing boots, Tclaps Draper, way to stick it out.

Other than Flange taking a slip withing the first 25 feet of the parking lot, everyone stayed upright, at least when they were supposed to be.  Great to have McRib back out to Twin Team, I am sure he missed the hill.  Look for Mr. Holland may be incorporating glow sticks for his next Sisyphus or other hill related beat down.


Ghost Flag will be at NoToll Tuesday for YHC’s annual 12 days of Christmas beatdown.  Extra points for Christmas Spirit.

HDHH at Capital Ale House, Midlothian starting at 530 –  ? Wednesday 12/19

Hardywood’s daughter wrote a book and will be having a book signing on 12/19 at Crossroads – See Hardywood for details.



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  1. Great Q Rosie!

    Thanks for the extended tour of Twin Team hill…she never disappoints.

    Good to be back in the gloom twice in 2 weeks. I’m looking to up my attendance going into 2019.

    Til next time.


  2. Great job guys. Very sorry to miss my redemption Q. Thanks for covering Rosie.

    Hate missing McRib, but love seeing his name in the PAX list.

  3. Good job today Rosie. It takes a special kind of psychopath to make the PAX Bear Crawl down twin team. My shoulders are killin me.

  4. Way to step in and put the hurt on, Rosie! Look forward to seeing McRib out more in 2019!

    Have a great weekend, gents.