Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Are we going to throw these blocks???


6 Davillians arrived for a snowy end of the week beatdown

This how it went down:

Mosey a lap around the church

COP (ALL IC) – SSH, Hillbillies, DQ, LBC’s, AL Prom Date, Merkins, Arm Circles


Mosey to the Q’s SUV to pick up our coupons for the morning (cider blocks for those over the age of 11 and 15lb KB for the twins) then head to the pavilion

Wilson’s boxing dying cockroaches – 3 set of 20 each partner

Mosey to the field

Modified Iron Pax Coupon Challenge – 5 flying squirrel Burpees, 15 Sit-Up + Press, 30 LegRaises w/Coupon in arms extended ChestPress position, run across the field and back. Rinse and Repeat for 15 minutes

Mosey back to the Parking lot

11’s w/Coupon – Start with 1 inclined Merkin, lunge while block is in Hallelujah (above head), 10 American hammers with block

Mosey back to the SF for Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, Opus took us out


All a fun time with coupons are involved. It seemed at first YHC would be lone wolf today but Opus rolled in at 5:27 followed shortly after by the Jett clown truck.

Mumble chatter was low other than Mudface trying to get the 2.0 to listen. This seems to be a repeating thing at The Creek.

Title of the backblast was the questioned Mudface ask YHC at the beginning since the last time cinder blocks were used at The Creek was in the middle of the winter, the temp was a warm 9 degrees, and all the blocks cracked with we throw them during Mudface’s Q. Looking blocks survived this time around.


YHC is seeking some HC for Breaking Bread next Sunday for the DaVille PAX