Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Walled Into The Parking Lot


A PAX of 3 dutifully exited the warmth of the fartsack, diligently scraped their windshields, and showed up in the cold and gloom that was Heartbreak Ridge. Conspicuously absent, however, was the Q.

PAX took a few laps around the surprisingly large parking lot to give the Q time to arrive, and also took note of how tall the snowbanks around the perimeter are. PAX then decided on a hot potato:

EF Hutton:
COP: SSH, helicopters, arm circles, copperhead squats
Triple Check #1: squats, LBCs, run the lot & back

Mr. Holland:
Burpee march across the lot, stopping for one in each of the 19 parking spaces. Repeat for return trip.
Triple Check #2: American Hammers, Merkin-and-5-sec-plank, run the lot & back

Mosey to front of school for Triple Check #3: reverse crunches, storm squats, bear crawl across lot & back
People’s Chair
Elbow Plank
Triangle of Fire

Numbers, Names, ‘Nouncements (none to speak of).

YHC was glad to get out of the house amidst all the snow days! Given the restricted area of the AO we used today, glad to still build a head of steam by the end, and couldn’t help but consider how we may well be burning more calories in the cold, as bodies are working both to stay warm as well as exert energy for exercises.

Two no-show Qs in two days though…starting to take it personally. Flange, you good for WDog?



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  1. I’m sure that made it into my corporate file. Never slept through a Q alarm before. Double alarms from here on out.