Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Stay on the white stuff!!


9 Snow Men arose this morning, dug out, and posted to a mainly safe Q by YHC. To say the parking lot was safe at No Toll is a stretch, but YHC arrived to secure and observe the AO-developing the Q as YHC went along!

0530-1st declaration..men be safe running to the COP. And as the PAX moseyed to COP, YHC observed Dr. Tryhard go down and immediately YHC goes down too. YHC thinks Bullseye went down too. YUP, ice everywhere!! More caution needed….stay on the white stuff……large patch of white stuff found for COP……COP= x 25 SSH, x 20 Imperial Walkers, x 15 Copperhead Squats, x 15 Arm Circles (x 10 small, x 5 big/ forward and backward), x 10 SSH. Time to mosey to pavilion and partner up.

Dora= Partner 1 performs exercises while Partner 2 runs across the soccer field. Set exercises=x100 Merkins, x 200 LBC’s, x 300 Mountain Climbers. Run, exercises…switch and repeat till finished. PAX blazed a nice out and back trail to avoid running in deep snow!

PLT (Partner Leg Toss)…perform AMRAP and switch. Each group finishes 200 PLT’s.  After finished, IC-x 10 HRM (Hand Release Merkins). Time to mosey back to the basketball court. Again the command, stay on the white stuff and avoid the ice!!

PAX managed to stay up right and YHC had to think on the fly because next set of exercises were on the road and parking lot. PAX decision to avoid the road and parking lot so to the basketball court we went…partner up again.

Dora= x 100 SSH (I think, memory issue) , x 200 Freddie Mercuries, x 300 Alabama Prom dates. Partner 1=exercises, Partner 2=karaoke suicides.

Find fresh snow, perform snow angel. Mosey back to parking lot with a few minutes to spare. Ring of Fire=x 10 HRM’s.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Annoucements; HDHH, Dec 19 at Capital Ale House. Marmaduke will take all winter coats that you would like to donate.

Dr. Tryhard took us out!

NMS: YHC had no real idea of the Q this morning due to conditions. So thank you for following!! Dr Tryhard and Bullseye, glad to share the experience of falling on the ice. Gents, glad everyone made it through the workout in one piece.  YHC hopes the 9 Snow Angels sparks conversation at some point at No Toll today!! They looked perfect!

Bullseye-dressing like Rosie def impresses YHC and yes, one day you may be able to run as fast!! You are posting which is ass kicking so keep it up!

Tobit-first the gloves for spring and summer time. Dude, you post enough that winter gloves are advised!! And PAX is always here for the push!!

Don Draper-nice form on the PLT’s! Nice work!

PAX members-9 Snow Men this am is super awesome. RESPECT!!

Again, second Dora was on the fly so thank you for following. Pleasure was all mine this morning as we navigated the ice and enjoyed the white stuff! Much respect for wearing running shoes too!! Yes, YHC had his trusty boots!!

Only those who post understand!!

Loud and Proud,



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  1. Nice Q, Flatline! Thanks for helping us navigate the ice this morning.

    Thanks also to the PAX for pushing my mini-mobile out of the snow this AM!! As I rolled up and parked, I knew it was gonna happen.

    As far as the gloves go, I’ve been sticking with the “sunny and 70” theme…but the winter gloves will appear tomorrow.

  2. Fun stuff this morning Flatlinem thanks for leading. Great time in the snow, I’d much rather trudge through the thick white stuff than break a coccyx.