Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Slip sliding and Acuras


10 Spider regulars opted for a flat start at Grove and Libbie, although ice was still prevalent, the running ensued.

3 Routes Down Grove to 195,4 Mile, to Cleveland, 5 Miles, or Davis, 6 miles, with the added option of running for 23 minutes and just turn around.

TYA took us out.


When YHC arrived at the alternate AO, Big Blue, had three occupants, TYA, Kubota, and of Course, Swirly. As YHC entered the vehicle, TYA had already belted himself in – Safety First. No worries, YHC easily climbed around.

TYA began to explain the route down Grove, across Three Chopt to Iris Down by the Golf Course, etc. . YHC thought perhaps that TYA had stuck another car in a ditch & just wanted to get push from some kind hearted F3 Men. Oh, the fun of TYA’s jokes…

As the group headed down Grove in the correct direction, all feet we being put down as to not loose any grip. Handshake, however, found a slick spot and decided to engage in a reverse involuntary Burpee. MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN. One fellow F3 stopped to aid assistance, others didn’t want to break stride for fear of ending up in the Ice Vortex Whirlpool that Handshake found himself sucked into ( Hand Shake, YHC hopes the bruises don’t last too long, it looked like it hurt)

As the Kubota, Handshake, Vinny and YHC were almost back at the AO, an Acura was traveling at HROSFC(High Rate of Speed for Conditions) made Kubota and Handshake dive out of the Street to avoid a possible collision with the car, YHC and Vinny, witnessing this death defying feat, made some evasive maneuvers, and displayed appropriate traffic communication signals with our hands; to which the driver of the car rolled down his window and wished us a very pleasant rest of our day and thanked us for acknowledging his driving ability or lack thereof.

Vinny and YHC commented that 6 more runners would be right behind us should the driver decide to stop and engage in more pleasantries face to face. That would have been exciting.

Cofferteria was added at Starbucks, Kubota and Handshake ordering inline, YHC lazily ordered from the starbucks app to avoid the wait.

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  1. Well that was fun! Nice running and dodging with with you Handshake. The pace was faster than I thought it would be this morning. After the first half mile of ice, pace picked up. T-claps to Sippy for running to new AO from his house, running 6 mile route and then running back home. My anger management is getting better. I hollered “careful” to the nice Acura driver. Back in the day, I would have hollered something worse. Another area of life F3 has helped me with, Anger Management!?!?. Enjoyed Starbucks. That line and wait was ridiculous, Bleeder?

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    That was a rough start but turned out to be an excellent run.
    Enjoyed it fella’s.
    Hey if you wanna go run grove everyday around 5:30 -6 am till we find the guy that yelled ahole a Bleeder, Vinny, Kubota – I’m freaken in 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. That guy must’ve been late for his decoupage seminar. My guess is he lives with Sarah. Swirly, I’m in. Congrats on 300 brother. Awesome! P.S. Bleeder and I were ready to wrap that guy up in Bleeder’s Tron and stuff him down the sewer.

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