Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Honoring a debt


11 Davillians descended on The Creek to further our fellowship and honor those men and women who died on this day many years ago at Pearl Harbor.  This is how we toiled.

COP:  15 SSH     10 merkins   10 DQ     15 arm circles, small and big      17 LBC’s  for a total of 77 reps, as it was 77 years ago today that the Naval base at Pearl Harbor, along with Army Air Force fields (Hickam, et. al.) were attacked, drawing the U.S. into the WW2.

Mosey to bell tower for 4 corners:  Run to each corner of the church building, stopping at each for 23 reps of jump squats, boxcutters, merkins and heels to heaven.  23 reps to remember the 23 sets of brothers that died on the USS Arizona that morning.

After planking for the six, it was time for the long lunges!  Lunge to first concrete ‘island,’ do 35 LBC’s, run back.  Lunge to second island, 35 Freddie Mercurys, run back, lunge to basketball goals, 40 SSH, run back.  The total of 110 reps in recognition of the 110 minutes the sailors and soldiers fought back against the Japanese that day.

Mosey to corner of parking lot for lazyish Dora: partner up, one partner lunges and bear crawls around the area, the other partner works on 50 2 count mountain climbers, 50 split jacks, and 69 overhead hand claps while holding peoples chair.  Total reps=169, which is the number of American planes destroyed by fighters and bombers.

Parking lot tracers: Do six lines, stop for 10 reps of exercises I now forget, but included burpees as suggested by Spike.  60 reps because 1941 (19+41).  Mosey over to curb for 11’s of diamond merkins and appropriately, WW2 situps.

Numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


YHC works at the VA hospital, and still sees World War 2 Veterans in clinics and hallways, although less so than in the past.  Most of these men are not with us anymore, and so YHC wanted to make sure the PAX had something extra to think about today.  It did become clear that by focusing on the numbers and facts, YHC may have been slipshod with the actual exercises, so apologies to the PAX, and thanks for trying to keep me straight.  I earned my F3 name again today!  Also, note to self, don’t request exercise suggestions from Spike, as after suggesting burpees his other thought was “let’s run a mile!”  No thanks, YHC is good!  Great job by the PAX today, they crushed it so much YHC had to ad lib the 11’s to fill up the time, so there is no historical footnote for them.

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.



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