Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dad, This Number’s For You


8 Trumpeteers and one conductor struck up the band for a unseasonably warm rendition of the soundtrack to “The Gloom.”  A few of the high notes included:

Mosey to the corner of West Drive and Beechwood for the COP.  Exercises were something like:

SSHs x19
LBCs x24
Merkins x8
Hillbillies x21

Mosey onto Westham Parkway and back to the parking lot.

Curb Crawls of Pain:

Round 1: Bear crawl across bus loop, at first curb 5 merkins, then Army crawl across grass, then 5 merkins, then bear crawl across bus loop. 5 merkins.  Reverso.

Round 2: Crawl bear, 5 merkins, lunges, etc. Then, reverso.

Round 3: Bear crawl, 5 merkins, Polar bear, etc. Then, reverso.

Four Corners:

Going counter clockwise…
10 merkins
20 monkey humpers
30 flutter kicks (4-count)
40 SSHs

40 Hello, Dollys
30 flutter kicks (4-count)
20 monkey humpers
10 merkins

Mosey to the Big Parking Lot for Triple Nickel:

5 Bernie Sanders up the asphalt hill
Run the parking lot
5 burpees
repeato for 3 rounds…

Triple Check in the Big Parking Lot:

Runner follows the arrows while Partner 1 does Decline Planks and Partner 2 does Monkey Humpers

Final Note…Monkey Humper Ring of Fire x30

Number-am-a, Name-a-rama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


Sign up for GrowRuck is going strong.  Already up to 10 or so…in addition to our crew, Charlotte, Hampton Roads, Pittsburgh, and other areas are representing.  See HoneyDo for more.


The horn section was out in full force this morning.  The PAX hit all the notes – high, low, long, short, maybe even a few sharps and flats.  Where’s Mr. Holland when the PAX needed him?

Theme for the day…male leadership, specifically for fathers.  8 years ago tomorrow, our family lost my father.  86 years young.  Veteran of the Great Depression, WWII, the Cold War, and more.  Thanks, Dad, for being willing to share your time, talents, and values each day.


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  1. Yep, thanks for the Monkey Humper ROF, Gumbo! The things pax members talk about on a Sunday Funday Run….
    Great Q, UpChuck! Way to honor your late Father. Nice words at the end also. Go get em today boys! #HTTR!

  2. Nice Q Upchuck, nice way to honor a great man. Between bear crawl, monkey humpers, and hello dollies hardest part of workout was avoiding Keymaster backblast zone at all times.
    Sign up for GrowRuck!