Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All the way around the school?


9 Warriors broke free of the fartsack this morning to post on a chilly morning at Timberwolf.


SSHs x 20

Arm Circles x 15 – reverso

LBCs x 40 – Tip of the hat to Gumbo

Merkins x 10

Copper head squats x 9  – not sure why I stopped at 9

Mosey to bottom of bus lot

Triple Check – THE LONG WAY

Runner – Runs complete Lap around entire school

Other 2 partners do 20 PLT every time the exchange is made before starting other 2 exercises

Exercise 1 – WWIIs

Exercise 2 – Squats

Lunge it out for the Six

Mosey to back tennis courts

4 Corners

Corner 1 – 10 Merkins

Corner 2 – 20 Box Cutters

Corner 3 – 30 Monkey Humpers

Corner 4 – 40 SSHs

Plank up

Mosey to Flag

1 Minute left 7 Burpees OYO

Numberama, Namerama, Honeymoon took us out!

Announcements –

Still Collecting Coats through end of the year

GORuck in March – See LabRat and HoneyDo


It was great to almost hit double digits this morning at Timberwolf.  Also great to see Cerranno back out this morning as well, he may have picked the coldest of the winter so far to re-join us, strong work.  Great pairing up with DK and Bullseye, appreciate the push fellas.  Rosie flew around the school and set the pace for Honeymoon and Wilson to try and match his time, all 3 crushed it.  Oyster and Beaker also braved the cold this morning and rocked out the triple check with Cerrano.  I appreciate you guys allowing me to lead and not moaning too much about the lengthy run.  Always an honor gents!  Reach out to someone today who may need an extra little light in their lives!  Have a great one, see you in the gloom boys!






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  1. Solid beating for sure. Yeah ALL the way around? That’s a big school! And I’m still cold. Have a great day gents! BIG thanks to Marmaduke for continued dedication and taking the Q at Timberwolf! Thanks brother!

  2. Nice work fellas! Nice change-up on the Triple Check – I like the PLT starter to give the runner a chance to cover some ground. Great idea on a cold morning.

    Glad DK remembered to pick up Bullseye this morning. I hope Bullseye paid him back by running a little slower around the school while DK was doing WWIIs.

  3. Great Q and great to be back out there. Thanks to ‘Duke, Beaker, Wilson and Honeymoon for the constant inclusion, even when I’m rarely in the country. …until the next frosty gloom…?

  4. Nice Q, Marmaduke! The Chill wore off pretty quickly once we got moving. I’d say that the running was just what the doctor ordered for this morning. Great to see Cerrrano back and the high numbers for New Market. If I could just go back about 10 years I would still lag but not quite as far behind the likes of Rosie and Honeymoon. Those guy’s crush the run. Even lagging behind I am glad to be part of this group of fine men. The BC workouts are awesome and I feel better because of them. Have a great day gents.

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