Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Misery Loves Company…How About Another 15 Reps?


Ten modern gladiators shook off the fartsack and embraced the cold.  Here is how it went down:

  • COP
    • Parking lot tracers
    • 25 SSH
    • 15 IW
    • 15 Cherry Pickers
    • 15 helicopters
    • 10 2x merkins
    • 10 Suzanne Somers (each leg)
    • 25 2x LBC
  • Mosey to the bus loops to perform the following 2x:
    • 1 minute pole sit
    • 25 pole smokers
    • 25 reverse crunches
    • 1 minute elbow plank
    • 25 APD
    • Bear crawl to the other end of the drop off zone
  • Mosey to the tennis courts for 4 corners (15 reps at each corner)
    • Hand release merkins
    • Flutter kicks
    • WWII sit-ups
    • Crab cakes
  • Mosey back to the parking lot for a ring of fire
  • COT with YHC taking us out

YHC is still regrouping from Friday’s Wahoo meltdown.  Hence, 15 repeated reps of pain on the 4 corners.  UVA fans just know what misery looks like, and we must embrace it.  We can now only make others join us in our misery.

Good turnout this morning for a non-virgin Q.  Good to see so many familiar faces, including a welcomed appearance from Conspiracy.  Loose Goose, where are you?  Come back to the AO you helped birth!

God is good all of the time!



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  1. Thanks for taking the reins today, Atilla.

    Honeydo, I’m sure Loose Goose would be happy to Q a Lucky Horseshoe.