Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Potato


3 studs showed up for a Monday morning beatdown and were served a nice hot potato – just what the doctor ordered baby !

COP: SSH’s, Windmills, IW’s Helicopters, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s merkins.

Swirly : Steps : 2 incline merkins each step  up – 10 curls with rock, 10 LBC’s at the top  – 2 incline merkins each step back  down. 1 incline merkin 1 squat each step up – 10 curls with rock – 10 LBC’s – repeat back down – 10 curls, 10 LBC’s at the top.

Vinny : Triple Check – In the valley   clockwork merkins  clockwork – PLT’s – run up and back – those PLT were brutal

Sippy – Kick Boxing  timed  – jabs – upper cuts, kicks crosses elbows knees – breath baby breath !

Vinny took us out.

Bearcreek this weekend – go gettem boys !

Great job guys – awesome way to start the week – see y’all in the gloom…


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  1. Kick boxing is becoming synonymous with Batteau. Post up one Monday and bring your dojo gi. The clockwork PLTs were not only tough on the ground, but a nice little calf work out for the holder in making sure you didn’t fall over on the ground guy. Nice little twist. Enjoyable as always men!