Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking King Hawaiian Rolls


3 thankful Pax descended upon 180 Belt Blvd. for the latest installment of Breaking Bread.  According to the loitering customers next door at Wendy’s, here’s how the evening went:

Seymour and Malcolm arrived first to scout the AO.  Swirly would be proud – 40 minutes ahead of start time (ironically, start time for dinner actually is 5:30, only this event is “p.m.”).  UpChuck pulled in about 5:12.  Pax unloaded and set-up ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, King Hawaiian rolls, and cookies. What was the world like prior to Costco quantities?  Add to the food a quick set-up of plates, cutlery, etc. – all provided on-site.  Simple, fast, elegant.  Some 2-liters of lemonade and iced tea were placed on a table.  Easier than calling cadence, for sure.

A short prayer of thanks for the bountiful harvest, and 15 patients filled their bellies, some coming back for 2nds, 3rds, and a snack to squirrel away for later.

Seymour and UpChuck did a little clean-up.  Easy-peasy.

The Pax then ran a 6 mile loop.


Every Pax member should put this event on their calendar.  First, it’s easy (which YHC recognizes is not typically the F3 approach).  Second, it’s rewarding.  You will learn about yourself through this event.  But, most important, these folks really appreciate someone coming to provide them a decent meal.

All in all, another fun evening sharing the 3rd F with a couple of my F3 brothers.  What a treat to get to know Seymour a little better, meet Malcolm, and share a meal and some conversation with some folks recovering from various medical ailments in a safe environment.  YHC was humbled to chat with a woman who described how she became homeless.  Wow.  She shared that, once she is back on her feet financially and medically, she realized how important it was for HER to be more humble in the future.  Good lesson for YHC as well.

Have a wonderful last few hours of the weekend and a solid week fellas.


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  1. Thanks to Seymour and his son for joining. Great to spend an evening with you serving these folks.

    Challenge to F3Richmond…this event is one Sunday a month that F3 unofficially says we’ll cover…grab a friend or some family and sign up to do this. Need any advice or guidance?…just drop YHC, Lab Rat, HoneyDo, Hardywood, or any of the other folks who have done this a line…happy to point you in the right direction.

  2. Nice work, gents! Vinny and I have the January breaking bread, so we are covered for the next couple of months!

  3. WELL DONE! Thanks for stepping up and taking care of F3’s commitment to this project, and more simply, taking care of your fellow humans. That good feeling that you get is knowing that you did the RIGHT THING.