Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tuckahoe’s newest AO


3 non-SOJ’ers came out on a brisk 28 degree morning to Twin Team to enjoy the company of the SOJ PAX.  With no SOJ PAX to be found the 3 did their best to sweat out their Turkey day excesses:

Mosey to JRHS lot for COP:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Don Qs, Merkins, Flutterkicks.

Triple Check:  Donkey Kicks, WWIIs, run to stop sign & back.  Head across to parking lot.  Bear Crawl up but stop for Merkin ever parking spot.  Back down with Crab Walk & 3 Reverse Crunches per spot.

Head over to main lot- Increasing Burpees at lights, 1 up to 8.  Freddy Mercury and then head up to BWES field for 11s:  Merkins & American Hammers.

NMS:  YHC arrived at Twin Team and found Sir Topham Ham from CLT waiting.  Conspiracy arrived to make it 3 but we all were left to wonder where the SOJ regulars were.  It isn’t unusual for Mr Holland and Flipper to represent Tuckahoe at Twin Team but today was just 2 West Enders and our CLT visitor.  YHC was left to wonder were the Black Friday deals on chicken feed, starter jackets, unnecessary golf carts, & EZ Pass transponders too tempting to pass up?

Sir Topham Hat posted in shorts making it 2 SOP’ers in the 28 degrees.  Conspiracy went the opposite direction with a good 3 layers to make Wilson proud.  Sir Topham Hat lead the way on the exercises, always good to have him back in his hometown.  At the end he gave a resounding endorsement for the GrowRuck and gave a soft commit for attending ours in March, aye!

Enjoy the quiet Friday today, Go Hoos and come celebrate UVA ending the losing streak to VT tomorrow at Gridiron.


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  1. Honey Do – Way to pick up the slack for the usual Twin Teamers. Sorry, I could not make it but I was not in the fart sack. I joined the Fort Mill, SC (the Hive) F3 for a kettle ball beat down which was a little different for me. Fort Mill is just south of Charlotte so consider Sir Topam Hat my replacement for the past Friday.

  2. Sounds good Doozy. If you like kettlebell beat downs you can take the Jville express up to Circus Maximus one Thursday. Would love to have you up.