Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Plymouth Massachusetts and Berkeley Virginia


34 studs posted for a Thanksgiving, including 2 FNG’s and a visitor from Charlotte.

Every five minutes, stop what you are doing and do 10 merkins followed by box cutter spelling of with Plymouth Massachusetts or Berkeley Virginia. First 30 minutes it was Plymouth and last 30 Berkeley.

The Thang

Mosey towards Reveille church.  Along the way stop for  a mini COP with side straddle hops x20.  mosey to the side of the church for more COP with Imperial Walkers, LBC and Don Quixote.  Mosey to back of church for triple check.  One PAX does dips on the benches, second LBC, third runs to end of parking lot and back.  On the return trip, run backwards.  Mosey toward Windsor Farms.  Stop at the intersection of Cary and Windsor way.  Team up, first team member does 10x Lt. Dan’s while second member does polar bears.  Everyone make it to halfway down Windsor Way.  Mosey the rest of the way to the church.  Elevens with LT. Dan’s and American hammers.  Mosey back to Mary Munford ,stopping a couple times along the way.  Circle up in the field for 3 minutes of Mary, 20x rosalitas, 20 x flutter kicks and 25 LBC. Mosey back to the shovel flag.


Looked like we were going to have a light Thanksgiving crowd this morning.  When I showed up at 550, there were less than a dozen PAX present.  By the time the workout started we were up to 34.  Great showing given that there are a lot of travelers out the who had to workout someplace else.

Lots of mumble chatter early on about the first thanksgiving.  I appreciate the effort from the folks in the great state of VA, but if you do some research, the answer to where the American style Thanksgiving  started is pretty clear.  Regardless, it is not worth arguing over such a frivolous fact on this awesome day when we are supposed to look around and see what we are grateful for.

Vinny posted in a classic Virginia outfit today.  He was sporting Yard Khakis (pronounced yah cakeys) and a blazer.  This and the UVA student body at football games proves that Virginians think that a blazer (especially a blue one) is appropriate attire anywhere… a wedding, funeral, birthday party, F3 workout, football game, beach party, toga party.  Actually, the only day its not appropriate is on Halloween.

Thanks to Hardywood for the coffeetaria afterwards.  What a great thanksgiving tradition he has started and continued for the past several years.  Great way to ensure some high quality second F after a workout

It was an honor to lead today on my favorite holiday of the year.  I am thankful for a ton of things in my life.  Having traveled in many parts of the world, I know how truly special our great country is.  Yes, we have our problems, but there is no place better on the earth to liver. Also, I am grateful to this group for allowing me to be a member of the PAX.  The workouts and camraderie fill a space in my life that I did not know even existing.



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  1. Amen, brother. Step outside the Friendly Confines of our borders, and all we have to be thankful for becomes much more clear.

    Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all.

  2. What a great morning! Thanks TYA for leading us and Hardywood for the coffee. I’m thankful for all my F3 bros! Happy Thanksgiving all!

  3. Awesome way to start the day. Love this tradition. Enjoy your families and fellowship today men. The turkey gloom is special.

  4. Great workout today, TYA! I enjoyed the traveling show.

    Thanks for bringing the coffee, Hardywood.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  5. Great Q TYA! It was nice to catch up with some PAX I have not seen in some time. Have a great day with family & friends.

  6. Great Q TYA and way to lead. This was my 3rd Thanksgiving Throwdown. Can’t believe it’s been 3 years. You guys make it really fun. Cheers to you all and love the ones you disagree with today. It’s not your job to change them, it is your job to shine a light on their talents and create an environment in which they can be the best version of themselves. Gobble gobble.

  7. Thanks TYA for leading! Great workout. Thankful for all of you! Hardywood, the coffeeteria is a great tradition!! This is my favorite workout of the year.

  8. Well done all! A special note to the pax for being (mostly) quiet as we made our way thru the neighborhoods. Shame Sarah didnt come join us though…

    Thanks for the coffee, Hardywood!

  9. Love this Thanksgiving tradition TYA. Didnt love all the running during the beatdown when I did the Turkey trot later. Still can’t miss this one.

  10. Fantastic Q, TYA. Thanks for firing up the coffee, Hardywood. I enjoyed reconnecting with many this morning and meeting others. F3 is a gift that I do not take for granted and I am grateful for every opportunity to post with the PAX and push through a workout.