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Pre-Blast: Breaking Bread, Sunday, November 25 – Need YOU!


Thanksgiving Quiz

Question 1: Where was the first Thanksgiving in America held?

Answer: Virginia.  That’s easy.  As early as 1610.  9 years before some Massachusetts Pilgrims scraped up their new Plymouth by crashing into a rock on their way home from a baahhhh.

Question 2: What is a HIM?

Answer: High Impact Man.  This weekend, it’s YOU!

Question 3: Who will be a HIM for 2.5 hours on Sunday, November 25, 2018.

Answer: You

Question 4: What is needed?

Answer: F3 RVA sponsors Breaking Bread one Sunday evening each month.  This month, it falls on Thanksgiving weekend. As of Tuesday, no one had signed up, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Isn’t this a hassle on a Sunday?  Only if you let yourself think that way.

If you have not done this, it’s not a burden – it’s a reward.  You will have the opportunity to serve dinner to roughly 12-15 people.  These are folks who incurred injuries or other medical conditions in their lives.  They found themselves homeless in the process.  The Daily Planet is their chance to recover safely and, at this time of year, in a warm, welcoming environment.  Your help pulls them through.  And, having done this 2 times already this year, I can tell you there will be no one at your family Thanksgiving tomorrow more thankful than these folks will be for your help on Sunday.

Also, for anyone who is thinking, “But, I like to watch football on Sundays,” your prayers have been answered.  They almost ALWAYS have football going on Sundays in the fall.  EVERYONE watches.  No burdensome M’s or 2.0s to ask you to be a husband or Dad** – just you, football, and helping the homeless.

I need ONE brother (two would be fine, but I NEED one), one HIM, to step up for Sunday.  I’ll do most of the cooking.

Who’s in?

Respond to the Pre-Blast or text me (804 307 6765).  Help a brother, help some homeless folks, but most of all, help yourself, F3RVA Thanksgiving-style, by lending a hand.

**Bring your kids, if you wish.  Daily Planet recommends that they be 10 years old to attend.


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  1. We’ll need to be there by 4:50 or so to heat the food and set-up.

    Dinner around 5:30 plus conversation until about 6:30. Clean-up, home by around 7/7:30.

    RSVP on the BB or via text.

  2. I am out of town, but I wanted to say THANKS for stepping up and saving me from having to make a phone call explaining why we were NOT AVAILABLE.

    This makes our second year of handling this once a month and not missing a commitment. We will continue next year. December and January are taken, so plan accordingly!

    Thanks again to Upchuck and Vinny for stepping up.

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