Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Brother, meet my brothers


8 regulars and 1 FNG posted on a chilly morning to hoist some iron and kickstart the holiday vacation (for most of us).  Here’s how it went down.

COP, start by running the bus loop, then circle up for 15 each of the following: SSH, merkins, arm circles (small, big, reverso), HRM, helicopters, Imperial Walkers, HRM.

Mosey to bus loop for four corners on an oval.  Ascending 4 corners with demon crushers, figure 8’s, American Hammers with KB, and lawnmowers, sets of 10, 20, 30 and 40, walk b/t corners while doing slingshots.  Al Gore for the six.

Find a patch of grass, circle up facing outward for pass the KB.  Do this clockwise, then counterclockwise, at which point due to backups etc. all the KB’s were mixed up, time to stop.

Triple check, partner up (this confused the PAX), exercises were flutter kick presses, LBC’s with KB, final partner runs the loop.

Mosey to flag for 15 halos, 15 diamond merkins on KB, 15 swings.

Numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


YHC’s brother is in town for Thanksgiving, and he’s a runner, so YHC agreed to run the 10K tomorrow in exchange for said brother coming to MANNdate for a KB workout.  YHC has been talking up F3 for a while, and was excited for YHC’s biological brother (now known as Everlast) to meet my F3 brothers.  The temp was a bit chilly at 29 degrees, but Helix and Opus both opted for shorts.  Helix also went up in weight (at least for today) to 40 pounds–nice job!  Spit led the four corners throughout while being pushed by The Carpenter.  It was great to see a few more people out this morning, and especially glad to welcome Bulkhead to MANNdate!  Come again!  For those doing the challenge, that’s 60 merkins to start.

Announcements:  There is the 6 AM workout tomorrow at Mary Munford led by TYA, with coffee afterwards (bring your own mug).  YHC, Mudface and Chewy are doing the Rugged Maniac in May, would love for more F3 to join our team.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

As usual I have No Idea what I’m doing.


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  1. Fantastic Q, No Idea. The two-count American hammers durng the four corners poured on the pain. I enjoyed sprinting after Spit during the triple check but he was too quick to catch. I have missed way too many MannDates and it felt great to be back!

  2. Great Q No Idea! It was great to have a break from the youth this week to rejoin the MANNDate madness.

  3. Nice Q No Idea! I came into today’s workout toasted from yesterday and now l am just plain beat down. Thanks!