Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How do you service a hen?


Ten solid men showed up on an unusually warm November morning to see what was in store.

COP – Tricep Push ups, Squat, Imperial Walker,  Arm Circles, SSH, Merkin & LBC.

Grab the coupon and head over to the front field (usually the dryest) for……….

The BEAST – Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Alabama Prom Date, Carolina Dry Docks, Imperial Walker & Burpees.

Head back to parking lot for something new with a coupon (no one ever guessed the contents). Circle up back to back with your partner creating a circle. Pass the coupon around the inner circle.

Time for some parking lot tracers. Just a simple up and back on both sections of the parking lot until it ended.

Back to the coupon! Rotating Ring of Fire! Total of ten merkins with one hand on coupon (5 each side). Rotate directions for second round.

Back to the flag!

NMS – YHC has not Q’d in some time. And this was not my original plan, but thanks to Marmaduke & Honeymoon, it was passed to me. Thankfully Marmaduke is a solid Q and shared his ideas. The Beast is always a crowd pleaser and could not be complete without burpees. Not quite sure the coupon exercise worked out how I had it in my head, but after further discussion with Beaker on ride home, I will bring back with a minor adjustment. At one point Doner Kebob was discussing with someone how to service a hen. That got everyone’s attention it went downhill from there. Funny what you can find on the internet and that is some time I will never get back. After spending way to much time watching Hens getting serviced, I chose to share how to prepare a chicken. Enjoy.

Announcements – TYA is leading his annual Thanksgiving beating Thursday at 6am @ Mary Mumford. Marmaduke is still accepting coats/jackets/gloves. If i missed anything please add.

Great job today men!


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  1. It is always an honor being allowed to lead this group of fine men. Thank you! For those I might not see this week, have a wonderful holiday, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you in the gloom. Just for the record, I spent WAY too much time watching chicken videos. Originally I had how to butcher one and it was rather graphic, so I chose a more light hearted one. Enjoy.

  2. Happy to see Wilson back on the Q sheet and with a Weinke no less. Thanks for the lessons on poultry reproduction methods DK, learn something new every day.

  3. It’s not a romantic process, I can assure you. I found 1 of our roosters servicing a hen Sunday night when I put the girls away…in an Alex-Smith-went-down-injured rage, I grabbed him by the legs and threw him out of the coop overnight. Bullseye spotted him next to my driveway the following morning when he dropped me off after Monday’s River Run. He’s an ass.

  4. good point, Splinter. The rooster is an ass. But he’s a survivor….a bit like Destiny’s Child.

  5. …Looks at an SOJ post about poultry.
    …Imagines Tuckahoe making fun over wine and Brie at the country club this evening.

    Looks like a great Q, Wilson. Sorry to have missed it, but there was a Handshake VQ across the river…

  6. so much to learn. Servicing a rooster? Roosters can’t service hens? Job Wilson, enjoyed most of the workout.