Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MCV is cloning rats now I guess


27 came out on a frost morning with FNGs and out of town visitors we had a lot of ground to cover:

COP –  Imaginary Jumprope, Don Qs, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Imperial Walkers

Head to Carillon field – Bear craw width, 20 merkins, crawl back then 10 more.  Crab Walk across, 15 WWIIs, then back and 10 more WWIIs.  Wheelbarrow across, switch partner and back.  Head over to the Rusty Cage for:

5-10-15-20.  5 Pullups, 10 Jerkins, 15 Dips, 20 Jump Squats.  5 Rounds through. Then head down Pipeloop with just enough sunlight to allow for:  Triple Check – Run loop, Elbow Plank, & Reverse Crunches.  Merkins at the end to get count up while waiting.

Mosey past Love Hill and Bernie Sanders up grass hill, run rest of way to brickhouse – Derkins on the wall until all pax arrived.  Then 15 Burpees per Honeymoon’s request.  Back to flag & 2 min of Mary. YHC took us out.

NMS – YHC arrived to find the RVA version of Lab Rat giddy with excited.  As PAX arrived the NC version of Lab Rat ran in.  Yes there are 2 Lab Rats in F3 nation apparently.  Luckily RVA Lab Rat had to leave at 6:30 to avoid the confusion.  PAX were left to wonder if those 2 partnered up would it cause a ripple in the time-space continuim.  The NMRC (New Market Rucking Crew) arrived with headlights and rucks on having earned some extra credit before 6 am start.

Welcome FNG Brexit, who put in solid work and also great to see Toy Store on his 2nd post in the week after his first post at 45MoM 2 days earlier.  Bone Thug keeps getting stronger.  Handshake remarked how the pipeloop was just light enough to see how dangerous it was to run on the trail with all the wet soggy leaves. During the Triple check the PAX were cleared out for a Lyft of Shame to pass through.

Kubota showed up sick as a dog and 2 shades green, he bailed a few minutes in after being up all night with sick kids.  He gets the bad idea of the day, feel better brother.

Annoucements – Prayers for Earthworm has he recovers from surgery this week (YHC forgot to mention that), 45MoM is at 6:00 am on Thanksgiving.  Handshake’s VQ is Tuesday at Heartbreak Ridge.  Come out to one of RVAs finest AOs if you have not been there and heckle (support) him. FNG Brexit has a mens group that meets monthly, similar F3 vibe without the merkins:  https://league-extraordinary.squarespace.com/2810 


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  1. It’s been a while since I had a Honeydo Q and you didn’t disappoint. My arms feel extra heavy today. Welcome Brexit and NC LabRat. Thanks to BoneThugs for the Humpty Dance rendition during the triple check.

  2. Awesome Q Honeydo!! Even better words of prayer brother! Traveling all week, hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and enjoys some family time!

  3. Great job, Honeydo! Beautiful morning for a Pipeline Triple Check, perfect timing with the sunrise.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those traveling this week.

  4. Honeydo Q never disappoints.

    Nice work today gents.

    Ayup Brexit!

    For those interested, my team’s next Honduras mountain medical trip starts Jan 19th. I need 2 more to round out the team.

  5. Honeydo…no mistaking the morning after a Honeydo Q. Which exercise is making my shoulder blades feel the strain?

    Way to continue the strong push, Bone Thugs. Keep posting. Persistency wins the game, and the impacts are real.

    Welcome Brexit, who said something today like,”NOW I see what you guys are doing here.” C’mon back real soon.

    Safe travels. And, if you are in town, join the Thanksgiving celebration Thursday…it’s a 6 at 45MOM. Here’s hoping Sarah has a Happy Thanksgiving as well.

  6. Honeydo, I’m in a tight race for 27th on the 2018 posting standings…can you add me to the PAX list? Big Data knows if you’ve been bad or posted…