Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Democratic Process


5 brave Americans posted this morning at Heartbreak Ridge for a choose your own adventure, democratic style workout.  PAX members had the opportunity and responsibility to select by majority rule from predetermined choices each evolution for the morning (today also happens to be 1 week from last Tuesday, election day, when Garbage Plate mistakenly thought he was on to Q… #recycle).

Started out with a mosey to a perfect COP spot for 20x SSH, IW 10x HC, MK warmup.

Election #1 – Heartbreak Ridge prevailed:  3x up Heartbreak Ridge – Bernie, Lunge/squat, Regular style

Election #2 – Over Under took a narrow victory: 3x each on the inclined walkway of crawl bear uphill, 20x Copperhead Squats, railing crawl down, 20x MH’s.

Election #3 –  Roxanne beat Dora in a tiebreak election:  3:07 of Roxanne Burpees intermixed with jog in place, emceed by our friends Sting & the Police.

Election #4 – Dry 11’s was the clear favorite: 11’s on the covered porch side of Quioccasin MS with Carolina Dry Docks & 4 count Flutter Kicks at each end.

Election #5 – Special Election took the final morning slot:  curb crawl 1 to 5 to 1 Merkins followed by 20 PLT’s

A traditional Native American saunter back to the flag for announcements and closure.

Great work to all getting out on an awesome drizzly Tuesday!



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