Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Big thanks to our Veterans


On a beautiful Veterans Day morning, 12 freezing weather loving PAX and I made the sacred pilgrimage from Hoedown headquarters at Tuckahoe Elementary to Kanawha Recreation Association (KRA).

Warm up (in front of three spectators):

15 Side straddle hops, 10 helicopters (in honor of the Jets score against the mighty Buffalo Bills, one better than the Richmond Spiders), 10 Don Quixotes and 10 front and back arm circles

First exercise:  For Veterans Day we did army crawls from the end of the school grounds to the flag pole and back.  I think I was one the last ones to finish which isn’t a good start.

Mosey to KRA by doing what I call a Merkin run.  For some historical context, my first F3 a little over two years ago was at Mary with Flipper as Q.  At the end, he had us run together and drop and do 10 Merkins, etc.  So I decided with this Merkin contest and my unexplainable desire to be at KRA, why not honor the great Flipper?  So we did ~80 merkins on the way there.

At KRA, we did a Dora with 100 Carolina Dry docks which I am told do not count as Merkins (sorry), 200 2 count mountain climbers and 300 flutter kicks.

After that fun, I tried to do elevens with WWIIs and jump squats.  Unfortunately I grossly underestimated the time it takes to go up and down KRA’s parking lot so we stopped about 2/3 the week into it.

We finished with the run and another ~80 merkins having to look out for cars which keeps things interesting when most of the PAX wear dark clothing.

Concluded with announcements (1.  There is an event that is listed on the backblast that Handshake mentioned at Ruth and Ollies in Carytown this Thursday at 5:30.  Handshake I had trouble logging in to the app so if can pass along details that would be great.  2) Marv mentioned a Thanksgiving day football game for under 14s.  Details for this are also on backblast)  and prayer.

Lastly I want to give thanks for all of our veterans.  They have done and continue to do a lot for our country.  When I take a step back and think about all of the freedoms we have (voting, religion, etc.) and the prosperity we have in America, I realize how lucky I am to be an American.   After Hoedown, I went to Tuckahoe Elementary for a Veterans Day assembly because my bro and law is a Marine and my younger daughter goes there.  It was a really cool ceremony.





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  1. Gentlemen, here are the details of the event Handshake mentioned. My M – Courtney Sievers – illustrated a children’s book about The Homestead. The release party and book signing is this Thursday from 4-7 at Ruth & Ollie in Carytown. Free beer and food. Would love to have y’all stop by with your families. Copies of the book, original art from the book as well as other original art will be for sale. Look forward to having y’all out.

  2. Guessing we did 3+ miles this morning. Nice Q. Glad we survived the Merkins in front of Zing Fit. Those ladies are pretty set in their parking route.

  3. Fireman Ed… Your first post was my Q…and I almost spilled during your Q… May the circle be unbroken