Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Potato at SOT


Four of SE Hinton’s S-outhsiders rose from the depths of REM sleep to attend a hot potato Q at Midlo.

the thang:

Singer – mosey down hill to parking lot – SSH, Don Q, Slow Squats, mountain climbers, merkins, flutters

Singer – Dora, partner one runs up stairs, partner 2 does 100 merkins, 200 two-count mountain climbers, 300 squats

Rosie – mosey up stairs to school, follow school around performing exercises of the number of each door. starting at 20ish to 30, even numbers do monkey humpers, odds do merkins, 31-33 or 34 – lunges, dips, plank jacks

Bullseye – mosey around to side of school, bear crawl up walk way, 1 minute peoples chair on wall. repeat 3 times

Bobber – mosey to front of school, 30 dips OYO, mosie to flag, 5 minutes of mary, ring of fire.

moleskin- YHC apologizes for the delay, had the post created yesterday but forgot to finish and post. So this one will be a little shorter. Hot potato Qs are always great, gives everyone a chance to lead and be as creative as they prefer to be at that moment. The school perimeter is extremely dark this time of year, best to bring a headlight next time. Running the steps with a glimmer of light from above was proving difficult. Injuries were avoided though thankfully.

Announcements – Hammer and Ales this weekend. Contact Viral.

Good luck to Kubota, Shakedown and anyone else running the race this weekend. Surprised to find out from Rosie that Shakedown is running the half after just last week he was happily telling YHC he wasn’t. At least it won’t be 24 degrees this time buddy!



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