Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Double Let Down


Flatline came out to join the merry runners of Before Noon DLite today, unfortunately for him it was an off day.

Shakedown was first on the scene to greet him, in work clothes because he forgot his shorts.

Lab Rat did his best, which is not saying much.  We almost got 3 miles in before I had to slow it down to a walk do to feeling pretty shaky and dizzy.  As Flatline put it, “it’s a good thing you are running with a nurse”…which made me feel better.  Then he told me about the 3 patients that died this week while walking.  Good feeling’s gone.

Christopher’s Runaway chicken salad post run made it all better.

Only those that post understand,


Nevermind, Lab Rat apologizes…


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