Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Early voting, the F3 way


Nine came out to settle the election day the F3 way: Burpees and Merkins.  2 PAX (1 FNG) were underage to vote but participated just the same:

COP – SSH, Helicopters, Don Qs, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Invisible Jumpropes.  Mosey to Heartbreak Hill.

Battle for the House: Split up PAX into 2 groups.  Group 1 were dubbed Republicans, Group 2 were dubbed Dems.  218 total to take the House so 218 Burpees total amongst each group while 1 PAX runs up & down Heartbreak Hill.  First to magic number wins the House.  Republicans took the House (they had an extra member)

Battle for the Senate:  Stay in same groupings, race to 51.  First man to get to 51 Merkins (good legit merkins) raise their hand and claim the Senate.  Seymour won it for the Rs again.

11s for the Old Dominion:  VA has 11 congressional seats so 11s consisting of: Box Jumps & WWII Situps.  Down to the Jerkin Gym:

7th District:  4 Sets of 7 Jerkins.  Then early voting by Garbage Plate for Benchkicks got us:  50 Benchkicks and 7 Derkins, 2 rounds.  Back to crowded parking lot for some Mary and then COT.

NMS:  YHC couldn’t resist an eleciton day theme but not sure the 218 Burpees for the House worked very well.  Many a groan was heard when we altered the Merkins to Hand Release in the COP, breaking the seal on the wet ground.  FNG Wah Wah is a friend of YHC’s 2.0 and expressed interest in posting today, good work.  He is a Trombonist (Tromboner??) in the Freeman band so think Wah Wah in the Charlie Brown adulted muted speaking sort of way.

Great to see Ronnie back out.  He said this was his 2 year anniversary, 1 year of which was on the PUP list.  Ponch was back out at HBR and P-Trap is officially a regular in the PAX. Also great to see the line of people and cars coming & going to Vote as we ambled around the AO.

Annoucements:  Go Vote & Be Nice today.  Also GrowRuck is 3/22-3/24 2019.  Mark your calendars.



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  1. I am not very interested in Grow Ruck, but if Honeydo is heading it up, put me down as a hard commit.

    Great to see Ronnie back out!