Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



30 wannabe Wrestlers posted for 45 MOM beat down.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to far end of Basketball court for a warmup, Wrestling style, staying in single formation forming a large circle.  YHC added in some cherry pickers, inside/outside shuffle, butt kickers, walking in squat formation (in Wrestling, we would take some “shots” off of that, but wouldn’t feel good on concrete).  Fun way to get the blood pumping and loosen the muscles up.


COP: DQ’s, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Russian Soldiers, American Hammers, LBC’s, Freddie Mercury’s


The Thang:  Stay in circle holding Al Gore.  PAX starts to shuffle counterclockwise, keeping the circle in tact, Q calls out an exercise and PAX performs exercise and back to shuffle in the opposite direction.  We did this three times.  Exercises were – 3 count Mountain Climber into a Merkin, Copper Head Squats, Burpees, all 3 X20 reps.


Mosey to field and use trees as yardage markers.  2nd tree = 25yds, 4th = 50yds, 6th = 75yds, 8th = 100yds.  Run to each yardage marker, perform exercise and run backwards to the start line, repeat till all yardages have been completed.  At 25yds, perform 25 Merkins.  50yds, perform 50 squats.  75yds, perform 75 single count Mountain Climbers (sorry, if there were some that did 2 count…wasn’t clear about that).  100yds, 100 SSH’s.


Mosey over to Tennis Court.  Partner up for a Lazy Dora.  Exercises are 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 LBC’s, 300 Jump Squats.  Partner 1 starts 10 count CDD’s  while partner 2 is holding plank.  Switch at each 10 count till you reach 100.  20 count on the LBC’s while other is holding 6″.  25 count Jump Squats, holding Al Gore.  This was a smoker on the Quads!  Still a few minutes left after everyone has finished, so holding plank.  Went through the list of plank positions, even the Nolan Ryan (I was disappointed to hear some ask “who is Ventura”).  Went straight into 15/3 count Merkins, then to 25/3 count American Hammers.

Recover and back to the flag.  YHC took us out.

Announcements: Lab Rat is looking for volunteers with Breaking Bread this Sunday 5:00-5:15 arrival.  4 Mile run in C’ville coming up…date?  Puppy Pile this Saturday following Dog Pile…I believe Marv has this?  I apologize, but I know there’s something I’m missing and need help filling in the blanks.

NMS:  YHC had started eying potential dates for a VQ a while back and it made sense to do it where it all started.  My first post was at 45 MOM and Splinter broke out the basketballs…for those who remember that one.   YHC had the impression that this is not a typical workout, however, it provided some good cardio for a out of shape soul and left YHC with a lot of interest to continue.  Little did YHC know in the COT that Splinter and Swirly both were old acquaintances and I knew then that Sugar had brought me to the right place.  As stated, I’m really grateful to Sugar Sock for introducing me to F3 and taking time to join me on first few posts to get acclimated.  This is much more than and exercise group and the entire “package” has kept me coming back time and time again.  The good Lord does provide many things to be grateful for and this group of Men is certainly high up on my list.  Great turnout this morning and thanks to Tobit for altering his usual schedule for the 2nd week in a row!

Make it a great day, Gents!



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  1. Flange, outstanding VQ my man! You handled a large PAX with ease, and brought in some wrestling things to make it your own.
    I wasn’t sure you’d ever come out, I think we chatted 3 or 4 times and then one time you came to me. Good lesson for sales and recruiting in general I suppose. In any event, glad you came out, that you stuck with it, and that it’s made a difference for you. The PAX is better with you in it!

  2. DUDE! Very few VQ’s get 30 guys! Well done handling the mob, throwing in some original stuff, and putting the beat down on!

    Those mountain climber to merkins were a bitch.

    Welcome to the Q rotation, get your name back up!

  3. Well done Flange! You handled the 30 PAX like a veteran. The warm up was good for the 30 something degree morning. And I was one of the PAX not getting the Nolan Ryan reference. I thought you were talking about Jesse Ventura:(.

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great VQ Flange.. Once a wrestler always a wrestler – that work out was Swirly approved!
    So glad your are part of the F3 team bro.
    Well done guys – way to work.
    See y’all in the gloom.

  5. Heck yeah Flange! What a great VQ!! Not only did you bring some nice variety (esp. with the wrestling stuff) but I was definitely spent by the end of the 45 min. Looking forward to more Flange Qs!

  6. Awesome stuff Flange! Hate that I missed it, had already committed to Timberwolf before I realized it was your VQ. Can’t wait for you to bring that pain to No Toll! Strong work!

  7. It was worth the wait, Flange. Great VQ, sir. The change-up for COP was good on a cold morning. I suspect that might get stolen. I was really waiting for the bull-in-the-ring finale though….maybe at the NoToll fields?

    Good command, good variety and good clock management….you’re a pro. Looking forward to many more Flange Qs.

    Great also to meet some new faces, including Breaker – good partnering with you during the (Not so) Lazy Dora.

  8. Awesome Q Flange. Especially for a wrestler. I didn’t realize wrestlers used basketball drills to warm up. I thought wrestlers didn’t like basketball? Left and right defensive slides. “Cherry pickers” a.k.a left and right handed layups.

    Great hoops themed workout and way to control 30 large out there. That was enough for 3 full court 5-5 games.

    Looking forward to more to come.

  9. Splinter, you need to dial-up a Full Moon for March Madness this year – we could almost see the baskets out there….not that that will help our free throw percentage. But, I’m sure Big Data is all over that.

  10. Well done Flange. The only things missing were head gear and singlets. Splinter can still wear his pasties in his singlet. Awesome VQ! Love the wrestling warmup. I’m definitely borrowing that. Everyone will have cauliflower ears before long. Time to cut weight! It’s been awesome getting to know you brother!

  11. The sight I adore on a Basketball Floor is Wrestling mats from door-to-door…

    Totally unrelated statistic, I am 5’8″.

  12. Looks and sounds like a great VQ, Flange! Great job! Sorry I couldn’t be there. I’ll try to make your next Q!

  13. Thanks for digging up that clip, Rosie! The man was in his 40’s at that point…Ventura 20’s! Vinny, I was always the “smart” one that wore a head gear…then I learned later on that chicks actually dig the mangled ear! Must be a manly look…

  14. Flange, great VQ brother! I’m glad I made the trip down from “The North” for it.

    Enjoy partnering with Swirly for the Lazy Dora. Thanks for the push sir!

  15. The first VQ was awesome, Flange! With the basketball and baseball references, maybe I should have been a tassler. Well done!

  16. Great job Flange! That was a professional VQ. I remember that basketball Q of Splinters back in March, that was one of my first too. I got hit in the face with a ball in the winter darkness. Keep up the great work.