Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Body Fix


Four stalwart men dominated the gloom, KB style.


Warm-up mosey around bus loop

COPAll exercises in cadence. Thank you for your support, No Idea.

  • Head circles – 10 each way
  • Arm circles – 10 small, five big, reverso
  • Hip circles – 10 each way
  • Burpees x 10


  • Wall squats
  • Sling-shots
  • Lunge to curb and back, Mud Face style

Three-Ring Circuit 30 seconds of each exercise within a circuit. One minute of rest between circuits.

  • Circuit #1
    • One-handed swing (each)
    • Clean & press (each)
    • Side lunge (each)
    • Clean & squat (each)
  • Circuit #2
    • Alternating swing (two cycles)
    • Double lunge (each)
    • Squat & press (each)
    • Windmill (each)
  • Circuit #3
    • Double-handed swing (two cycles)
    • Clean, squat, & press (each)
    • High pulls (each)
    • Overhead forward lunge (each)

Minutes of Gumby

Numberama, Nameorama, BOM (Chewie took us out)


It took this tiny-but-mighty group a bit to warm up. Perhaps this was because COP exercises did not lend themselves to wandering or new-style dance moves. We will work on cadence call-and-response.

Nonetheless, heartbeats quickened. YHC designed a workout intended to build in intensity. No Idea’s comment after the Triple-Check that “this isn’t as hard as last time” suggests next time should involve deceleration instead of acceleration. Or, maybe just high-intensity the whole time. Any cardiac risks in the group?

Thanks to Chewie for taking us out. He inspired the BB title. YHC suspects from the groans – which peaked during Windmills – that prayers for fixing our bodies are much appreciated.

It is an honor and privilege to lead this fine group.


Breaking Bread could use a few good men. Lab Rat is leading the charge this month.


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  1. Looks like a good one Helix! Look forward to being back out once we get a break with youth small groups on Wednesdays

  2. Should have kept my mouth shut. Going to now sign up for ALL future
    MANNdate Q’s to keep Helix at bay.