Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And then there were four


YHC left Charlottesville close to 5:00 PM not yet adorned in my go-to F3 gear.  Seeking to avoid a speeding ticket, but also seeking to make a 6:30 PM Punisher start time, we pushed the return trip to Richmond.  Good thing the road between C-ville and RVA was clear (as it usually is).  Good thing also the AO is only a few blocks from the house.

Arrived with just a few minutes to spare just as Krü hit the parking lot.  Nightcrawler came in on two wheels.  We moved into the grass for the COP with a lineup of the usual.  We moved to the school wall for a Triple Check with People’s Chair, Plank, and a mosey to the Laburnum Avenue sidewalk and back.  Offshore arrived during the Triple Check following his run in from VCU.

Mosey to the southeastern edge of the school grounds for 11s, OYO, in place with Merkins and WWII Sit Ups.  Move to the bus loop reverse ladder, starting with 13 reps, of Invisible Jump Ropes, Dips, and Hello Dollys – Plank after 8 rep round to gather the PAX and to make a quick jog down the bus lane and back.

Stroll to the playground for another round of 11s on the benches lining the playground perimeter involving Incline Merkins and Bench Kicks.  Shift to the playground proper for quick partner routine with one guy completing Jerkins hanging from the playground swings while the other Bear Crawls out and around a nearby bounce platform and back – complete two rounds.

Mosey back around the school pausing in the grass for Mary and stretching.   Jog back to the parking lot for COT and YHC took us out.

Nice work gents.


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