Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A little extra credit (and don’t follow the Q) at Spider Run


14 runners descended upon Tyler Haynes Commons before 0530 looking for a few miles and here is what they got:

4-milers – exit campus via Richmond Way, Westhampton Way and UR Drive (i.e., not the Bat Cave), cross River Road through the shopping center and across the bridge.  run the cloverleaf and retrace back to the Flag.

5-milers – cross the lake to the trail, exit onto College Road and across to University.  Up to Westham and take a left.  Cross River onto Country Squire Lane down to S. Ridge to Westham Station Rd up to the bridge.  Cross the bridge, run the cloverleaf and head back via UR Drive, Westhampton and Richmond Way.

6-milers: run a loop up Richmond Way and down Gateway back to the starting point, then follow the 5-mile route.

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-rama and YHC took us out.


  • Marmaduke is still collecting coats/jackets.  Let’s fill him up – (I got a few for you this morning from Kubota)
  • I think there is puppy pile this Saturday – maybe someone can confirm in the comments.
  • Splinter is throwing out an optional (really?) extra credit start at Spider Run – 0510 – next Tuesday for an extra mile or two, finishing back at the Flag at 0530 to pick up the PAX (i.e., Slackers) and run the normal 4,5,6 mile routes.  If there is interest it might stick as a monthly occurrence.


So, I had all along planed for the 5-mile route to be a little long (about 5.3), but add in a pre-mature exit (I SAID EXIT) off the trail by YHC – done with such confidence that Swirly, BT and Shakedown unfortunately followed – and a winding trail through the woods, including finding some  hidden frisbee golf holes and the need to double back down College Rd to University and the 5-mile route turned into just over 5.5 miles for us.  No worries, Swirly picked up the pace and found the zone trucking down Country Squire and S. Ridge.

Unfortunately, Swirly was in such zone that he ran right passed the bridge and had to double back again.  He might have gotten 5.7 in today.

Crossing the bridge, a blur of a Tron passed Shakedown and me heading back to the Flag….man, Bleeder was pushing it today.  Well done sir.

The Sixers caught us all on the bridge and Splinter and Faceplant left a vapor trail (not literally, like Wilson) as they passed us.

Great running with Swirly, BT and Shakedown for a while.  And, thanks to Swirly setting the pace to get us back on track, YHC logged two miles under 8 minutes, with a 7:47 mile — by far the fastest YHC has run in a LONG time…maybe fastest since leaving the Institute.  Still, no match for Marv as he overtook me in the Shopping Center.

Great morning guys.  A hearty Lab Rat’esque apology to Swirly, BT and Shakedown for the detour.

Have a great day men.

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Enjoyed it Gumbo – loved the route – yep got me a little extra in this morning . Thanks to BT for not giving up and keep on yelling at me. Sometimes I get locked in ….. It was a beautiful morning for a run.
    Excellent on getting in under 8 a few miles Gumbo!
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Wow! Perfect conditions for a run this morning. Cool, crisp, no wind, and the sound of Bleeder pulling me in on the way back over the bridge. What about that moon over the river?! Beautiful! Gumbo, if you keep that pace up, you will be joining the 6 milers soon! Great job! Half-marathon ready! Have a great day all!

  3. A pipe dream, but maybe one day, if I can ever unhitch this 20-lb trailer that I carry around everywhere…

  4. Loved the switch up Gumbo. I’ve never run the cloverleaf. Absolutely perfect morning for a run across the bridge.

    See everyone for the bonus miles next week.

  5. Slight change of plans. I need to be out of town next Tuesday. Anyone want to pick up the Q + the bonus miles? Otherwise we can push the bonus miles to election day.