Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The park is ours again


Following heavier use for non-F3 purposes during the warmer months, the parking lot at Pouncey Tract Park was, once again, ours on Saturday.  Cooler temperatures and some rain helped our cause.  Eight posted, including six Redwoods, one Kotter, and one FNG.

Following a few minutes of conversation (comprised mostly of sarcastic comments), we moved across the parking lot to the stripes for some warm up speed work across two parking rows, including High Knees (down and back twice), Butt Kickers (again, twice), Side Skips (just down and back), and Sprints (down and back).  Assemble in a circle for Don Quixotes, Hillbillies, Cherry Pickers, Helicopters, Squats, and Arm Circles.

Line up and move towards the picnic shelter nearest the Pickleball courts through mobile Imperial Walkers.  The PAX member at the back of the line moseys to the front, Indian Run-style, and resumes IWs.  At the pavilion, one PAX member completes 10 Dips and 10 Step Ups (5 each leg) while the others complete Side Straddle Hops.  About every third guy, we stopped and held Al Gores for a few seconds before resuming the SSHs.

Line up again and move to the picnic shelter nearest the playground through mobile Russian Soldiers also done Indian Run-style.  One PAX member completes 10 Abyss Merkins and 10 Jumps (done with palms on the table).  The other PAX members performed Invisible Jump Ropes with short Al Gore moments thrown in.

Line up yet again and move to the picnic shelter nearest the starting parking lot through mobile IWs again, also Indian Run-style.  One PAX member starts with 10 Decline Merkins and completes an inverted walk along two picnic tables – down, back, and down again – termed Walk The Plank by Adderall.  SSHs by the remaining PAX while one guy does this sequence.

Complete two rounds of 20 Pole Smokers – two PAX members complete these at at time while the other guys complete Merkins alternated with Alabama Prom Dates.

Finish on the football field with kick and chase with YHC’s soccer ball.  Return to the parking lot for COT and YHC took us out.

Good to see Cheetah again.  Welcome to Mr. Cox – with the F3 name of Touchma – get it.  The coffeeteria at Einstein Bros afterwards was good as always.

What did I miss, fellas?  Thanks!




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  1. Still trying to shake the image at which Adderall attached those APDs…he went at it with an enthusiasm unbeknownst to mankind