Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

World Turned Upside Down


22 hearty souls launched for a variety of two-wheeled or two-footed exercises…temps were sunny and 70.

Routes were varied…some walkers, some 4 milers, some 5 milers, some pseudo-6 milers, and some Kubotas.

Walkers…generally out and back on Grove.

4 Milers…Grove to Maple to Park to Granite to Grove and back to the flag.

5 Milers…Grove to Maple to Bremo to Crestwood to Libbie to Grove and back to the flag.

6 Milers…Grove to (hey, Saab, turn on Maple…, hey, Saab, turn on Maple…)…oh, just run on Grove.

Kubota run…show up early, run hard, do more.

Number-a-ma (false start), Number-a-ma again, Name-a-ram-a, announcements, and Swiper took us out with a metaphor about long-term personal growth.  Or, trees.  Or, planting.  YHC thanks him.


CSAUP tomorrow at 7.

Bring warm coats on Saturdays.  Marmaduke collecting for the homeless.

PuppyPile October 27

Bear Creek 10 Miler.  December 2 at Bear Creek State Park.


F3 history was made today, the 237th anniversary of Cornwallis British forces surrendering at Yorktown. When Cornwallis surrendered, the American military band played “The World Turned Upside Down.”

Today, YHC saw something new….an un-injured Swirly walking. In fact, lots of walkers today.  Looks like the PAX will be ready to start the CSAUP on full-rest.  Good luck to all who are running/walking/riding tomorrow.  7:00 a.m. at Shelter 1.  Place your bets on FanDuel.com.

UpChuck spits the bit.







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  1. Great morning for a run. Thanks to Fudd for a good chat. And, hope all goes well this weekend.

  2. Great morning for a run! I find it harder to figure out how to dress for the 40 degree weather we had this morning versus really cold or really hot. Well said Swiper!