Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“…he always does this…”


Apparently YHC has developed a reputation of sorts.

If, come 10pm on a Thursday, the Q sheet has a blank next to Twin Team, Mr. Holland has a tendency to sign up and give his compatriots a beat down they won’t soon forget – that part’s true enough. But just because today (and maybe one of the days last month) that beat down was a Sisyphus sighting, that doesn’t mean it’s always the default setting! Holland takes umbrage with Rosie on this point…though one must admit that today doesn’t provide much ammunition for Holland’s grievance.

The plan *was* to be a variation on a previous “you vs the next five minutes” timer-based morning. But when YHC saw so many cars in Bettie’s lot, and so many Sisyphus newcomers, it was just too much to resist, and an audible was called before the car door opened.

Mosey to Twin Team summit -dropping cones & flower pots along the way up- with a brief, dark, and forgettable COP up top. Mosey down to each marker, perform the prescribed exercise, then return to the summit before going to the next one.

1: bear crawl back to summit
2: 30 uphill-facing WWIIs
3: 30 downhill-facing merkins
4: two-man triple check: one runs back to marker 3 while partner does (1) mt. climbers (2) LBCs, and (3) alternating merkin/5 count plank
5: 20 burpees

The PAX finished in record time, with five whole minutes of Mary to end things.


I’ve never really enjoyed a hot potato morning. There’s a sense of anxiety over my turn possibly coming up and what I might call that I never experience with even a last-minute Q signup, and even when I skate by, there’s just no substitute for a well thought-out beatdown. I’ve always got this one and one or two others in the back pocket, and much prefer their predictability to their alternative.

This being the biggest crowd at Twin Team I’ve seen in quite a while, it seemed only reasonable to introduce my brothers to my favorite beatdown at my favorite AO. Having Rosie & Gumbo join in after a mile warmup was icing on the cake!

Sisyphus will rest for a little while, but he’ll be back.



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  1. Props to Waco hitting his first two beatdowns on consecutive days! And for being a Twin Team Hill veteran, beating down the JRHS baseball team on its slopes.

  2. Well played Mr. Holland. I thought about signing up but a full Friday and no opportunity to write the BB held me back. Subconsciously I may have been hoping to see Mr Holland sign up late with Sisyphus. Welcome to TwinTeam Waco.

  3. A long time ago, when I did more stupid things than I do now, I smoked. Occasionally I get a little blood taste in my mouth which I assume is from that damage – but only during the most intense of workouts. I also drink Gatorade before most boot camps.
    Mr. Holland, Brother, this thing you came up with on Twin Team hill had me tasting remnants of both by the end. Well done, sir!