Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Number 2


2 davillians posted this morning for a Tomato Run but neither knew the other was there until halfway through.

YHC started out a lonely run in the midst of the mist at around 5:30.  Behind school, honey meadows, KC, turn around and head back.  Got to back of CSES and said Hi to this crazy guy walking the other way.  Mudface!  Joy abounded as we met up and leisurely made it back to Atlee.

Numbers, Names, etc.

NMS — Unbeknownst to Mudface, YHC had been trying to figure out the best place to ‘let nature do its due diligence’ back behind the Atlee complex somewhere.  When Mudface came along and the pace lessened, the urge went away thankfully.  No poop for you.

See you in the gloom!



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