Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

CSAUP – 70 and Sunny


The first annual October CSAUP is Saturday the 20th of October.  Details of the event:

  • The event is open to anyone.  You don’t have to belong to F3 or be an ultra runner to participate.  The format will allow for everyone to set and meet their own goals. Bring your M’s 2.0s or friends
  • The event will start at 7am sharp.  There will be loops for trail running, road running, mountain biking and road biking.  Additionally, there will be a special Saturday 6 pack beer run (6 trail loops with a beer in between each).
  • You have one hour to finish your selected loop.  Once finished with your loop, you can rest/relax and recover.  The next loop will start at the top of the next hour.  You can continue as long as you like, but the event will officially end at 9pm.  You can mix and match loop types as you wish.
  • The event is self supported.  Bring what you need to keep yourself hydrated and fed during the race.
  • We will have a barbecue fired up at around 11 am where folks can grill.
  • It will be run out of Shelter 1 at Forest Hill park.  All the start/finish lines for all loops will be at Shelter 1. Although the farmers market is on Saturday morning, since we are there early, parking should be no problem.

Let me know below if you plan to attend.




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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    TYA is in. If he can run, he will do the trails, if not it is road bike loops for me.

    Cant wait. Should be epic

  2. I am in for something, but it IS my Bday, which means 2 things:

    1) Q duties for Dogpile.
    2) I am NOT running all day on my bday. Beers must be ingested and I might {gasp!} get to go fish.

  3. Also, I know Honeydo is thinking “just run the six pack, beers will get ingested!” 2 things about that:

    1) No plans to puke on my bday….at least before noon. Trust me, it would happen.
    2) No plans to ask my wife to come pick me up from south of the river cause Im drunk and puking before noon.

  4. Friends – I will not be participating in this CSAUP. F3 is an amazing group. I have loved being a part, and I think I am better for it. You strive to be role models and to challenge each other to become better. Several have extended that spirit to the community, including, for example, helping men at the Healing Place on their road to recovery. F3 has been a group I have encouraged my teenage son to be a part of as he faces all of the pressures of that phase of life. With all of this in mind, in the future could F3 RVA refrain from including an alcohol consumption challenge as part of its events, particularly one to which family is encouraged to attend?

  5. I appreciate you putting this out there Helix. The 6 pack is mostly a joke but see how that is not the best representation.

  6. I’m planning on starting at 6 am in case anyone wants to join me for an early trail loop (headlamp required).