Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You vs Flower Pots


A PAX of three* attacked Twin Team Hill with gusto for another episode of The Sisyphus. For a brief few minutes, three was four, but Nature called Doozy away and brought LIFO to new levels…hope you made it back in time!

For those not privy to The Sisyphus, here’s what happens:

Mosey to the summit of Twin Team, dropping flower pots/cones as place markers along the way. For each round, the PAX runs from the summit, performs the prescribed exercise, then returns to the summit. Repeat for each marker until the bottom.

1: bear crawl back to summit
2: 30 uphill-facing WWIIs
3: 30 derkins
4: one team runs to previous cone & back, while the others perform mt. climbers, then switch. Repeat for LBCs, then for alternating merkin/plank for 5.
5: 10 burpees

The final flower pot was placed tantalizingly close to the bottom of Twin Team, and YHC spent a good bit of the final ascent to the summit trying to justify cutting it short (you know, “in the interest of time” and all that). But here’s to mental fortitude, built over a long stretch of gloomy mornings!

Well done today – Sisyphus will rest for a while, but he’ll be back.



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  1. I have never been happier that I made the decision to answer’s Swirly’s text yesterday to get up at 0430 and run some extra miles early this morning. Sisyphus is more than a good beat down.

    Well done fellas!

  2. I have been in many of road races, just hoping to run up on a port a john but this morning was a hole new level of “the call of nature” or the unnnnnn-natural. I did make it safely home to the comfort of my own white thrown room but I always appreciate your Q and hate that I had to bow out on this one.