Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Black Hawk Down


Twenty-seven warriors came forward to remember the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu.


  • Arm Circles
  • Don Quixote
  • Russian Soldiers
  • Helicopters

Strut behind YHCs car and grab two bricks.  One lucky pair got the cinder block.  Head west on Grove running

Stop in front of Locke Lane Appartments and perform Boo-Yah merkins with your bricks in your hands while waiting for the six.  Exchange cinder block custody and continue west.

Stop at the parking lot by the market and perform eight burpees with bricks in hands.  Turn your brick on end and perform abyss merkins balanced on the ends of the bricks.  Keep rotating that cinder block.

Head west to the church.  Triple check!

  • Partner 1 – Partner carry around the parking lot (or lunges for those who needed an alternate exercise)
  • Partner 2 – American Hammers with bricks in hands
  • Partner 3 – Jump up and over the brick wall….back and forth

Begin the Mogadishu Mile while heading east on Grove with lunges.  Break into a jog for a few blocks and flutter kicks for the six.

Brick bear crawl half a block and Al Gore for six.

Continue east bound and cut left (north).  V-Ups with bricks while waiting with the six.  Pick up the dark alley and run to Commonwealth stopping at points for exercises and letting the six catch up.  Head south on Commonwealth to the first roundabout.  APDs for the remainder of the time.

Gomer Pyle took us out.


At the beginning of the workout one of our younger Pax asked if this was a real battle and actual historical event.  Running next to Gomer, I turned it over to the pro for the in depth analysis.  This was also the basis for the movie “Black Hawk Down”.

The weight of the bricks adds up while running, as do the partner carries around the church lot.  The wall jumps were a new exercise and something we should find a way to incorporate more into our workouts.

The highlight for YHC had to be the sound of our bear crawls with bricks.  It sounded like horses strolling down the street.  Precisely like that, except for the sound of the cinder block being dragged across the pavement.  Whoever had the block at that point got their moneys worth.

Upon entering the alley, Pucker was hoping for some tire fire obstacles to pose a challenge.  Perhaps next time.  By the way, our return was precisely a mile which should give some credit for those doing the monthly challenge.

Welcome Greenbow!  Hopefully we will see you out again soon.

For those who forged an attachment to their brick or want bricks to incorporate into a workout, I have them at the ready.  All yours.


  • 5pm tonight @ Dogpile – Mountain Biking with No Tools and Pullout

Time to Taper,



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  1. How often do I get a chance to carry Bleeder around a parking lot. Awesome time.

    When is a seemingly flat surface a hill?…when you have a grown adult on your back.

  2. Great Q Lockjaw.

    I especially liked how the exfil plan has multiple contingencies. Key lesson learned from way back when. Great way to remember some dudes that went in harms way and had a tough road getting out.

    Great working with Swirly, Pull Out, and Flange.