Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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To all who shall these presents greetings!

It is almost that time again!  Hampton Roads is celebrating another year of giving it away.  Our second anniversary convergence will be held at StinkHill on November 3rd at the normal start time of 0700.  Beat down details are still to follow.  There will also be second F and food (yet another F?) afterwards for those who can make it to which families are welcome.  Specifics are still being ironed out.  Look for another pre-blast in the near future for more information.

Save the Date!!!! We are only 30 days out!

RVA: You owe me at least one clown car!

Are you available?


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  1. Lab Rat is unfortunately a hard commit to a family function many states away that weekend. Here’s to a happy anniversary and I hope some RVA support.

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