Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

5.0 is in our spot


9 strong came out to enjoy the perfect fall weather with 65 degrees and clear skies greeting the PAX at Heartbreak Ridge.  It went like this:

COP:  SSH, Don Qs, Merkins, Helicopters, Freddy Mercurys, Imperial Walkers (aka upright freddy mercurys??)

Mosey to Pemberton loop – Dora 123 of 100 HR Merkins, 200 Jump Squats, 300 LBCs.  Back to front of middle school for some bench fun:  10, 15, 20 of:  Box Jumps and Derkins.  Then head down to Jerkin Gym: 3 Sets of 8 Jerkins.  Quick trip to Heartbreak Hill, up 1 time 10 WWIIs at top, back down then 10 Burpees at the top.  Back to Jerkin Gym for 2 more sets of 8 then back to flag for some Mary.  Loose Goose took us out.

NMS – Great to have 9 out this morning.  Good mix of newer PAX and HBR veterans.  YHC arrived early to find Handshake having secured the AO but 2 of Henrico’s finest parked in our normal parking spots.  They stayed there until 5:28 then sped off, having entrusted the AO to the PAX.

The 100 Hand Release Merkins caused some groans from the PAX during the Dora.  YHC continues to find a use for that Pemberton side of the AO but so far not much luck.  The Jerkin Gym was extra fun with fresh cut grass to stick to your shoes and any other body part that came in contact with the ground.  YHC finally got to meet LeTigre, he put in solid work as did all the PAX.  Good to see Loose Goose back out at HBR.  Apologies goes to Garbage Plate for us not getting in any Benchkicks, I know he was looking forward to those.

Announcements:  CSAUP run on 10/20 and October challenge of Run a mile daily are up.


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  1. My guess is the 5.0 was waiting there to see if Flipper posted. They had some questions for him on this CBD oil…

  2. Solid effort this morning, fellas. I had to take a break on that second hill sprint, otherwise would have splashed merlot on my first time back in a month.

    I concur, the po-po were there waiting for Flipper. I think I saw a wanted poster in Kroger with his mug on it yesterday