Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

10/2 = 5


8 davillians showed up this morning and I gave them 5.  A lot of times.

Short Mosey to COP —
5x of each of the following sets, no pauses in between exercises — all IC
1) 5 SSH into 5 merkins
2) 5 WW2, 5 American Hammers
3) 5 Booyah Merkins, 5 plank jacks

Shorter mosey to the bus loop for a 5 corners exercise.

At each corner start doing exercise.  Some time after the 6 arrived, YHC counted 5 more out loud and then we moved onto the next corner.
run to 1st corner, for hand release merkins.
2nd corner — Freddie Mercuries
3rd corner — Donkey Kicks
4th corner — Dips on Benches
5th corner — Burpees

We did this whole thing 5 times, reversing the order of corners each successive time.

Bear crawl Dora’s
Bear crawl to light while partner does 50 Am Ham, 100 Mountain Climbers and 150 SSH.

Native American run back to flag

merkin round the world
1 merkin from each PAX member, then 2, etc up to 5.  Rest of PAX planked.


Numbers Names Announcements

I abhor improper fractions.  Thus the title of this backblast.
and now a haiku for you.  it even rhymes.

5 is a number
so minute and yet so grand
fingers on a hand

YHC keeps thinking about the giant numbers YHC sees in these backblasts.  1000 merkins, 500 SSH, etc.
but what if we keep the number small.  how would a workout like that work?
YHC thinks it worked pretty well this morning.  Great to have Phonics back at Daville.  That boy is like Forrest Gump.  He just keeps running.

Over and out,


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  1. “5 corners”? I thought our round track “corners” in SOJ were special, but DaVille comes out with 5 corners. Now, that’s special.

    Love the idea here with the low reps, lots of sets, keeping it moving. Well done Opus.

  2. Great workout, Opus. It took my simple mind a bit to catch on. When you launched us on the third set of “five corners” it dawned on me: Holy Cow – we’re doing this three more times!