Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Some miles between the rumblings


4 River Run regulars (now that Sugar Sock is a Monday regular!) posted to BWES to log some miles.  A simple 4-mile out and back route was called by YHC with the 5s and 6s adding mileage at the JRHS track as desired or as time would allow.

Great morning for a run.  Unfortunately, YHC caught a case of the J-villes and had to veer off course and make a pit stop….Fortunately, the mid-way point of the course was .2 miles from YHC abode, so comfort was not far away.

YHC has heard the saying that the aftershocks are worse when describing the damage from an earthquake…well, first-hand experience confirms that saying this morning.  Rough one all around, but we still managed to log some miles.

Great work guys…YHC will keep a closer eye on his diet next weekend.  A 7th birthday weekend, wreaked havoc on me this morning.


  • Bring jackets, coats, sweaters, etc. to Marmaduke on Saturdays
  • CSAUP 10/20
  • Healing Place training – see Swiper
  • October challenges — 1 mile per day and maybe a Garmin group steps challenge?

No More Gumbo For You…until Tomorrow!


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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sHjlM5A1jME

    Hey, Gumbo man. Watch out for your cornhole, bud.

    Good route, and good run, all. Impressive showing by Gumbo soiling not one but two toilets in one run.

    I’m doing my best to make this a regular thing. My shins seem to have other plans but I tend to ignore them.