Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

7 Men and No Slackers


Seven men posted at GridIron this morning for the 0700 F3RVA showdown. I provided early morning comedy when I realized that I had driven from Midlo to the far west end without any license plates. #brainfart. Then took on following (#embracethesuck):

Warmup with SSH, Don Quiote, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, LBCs, Scorpion Kicks, Hand-release Merkins. Various counts.

Curb crawl left alongside the bathroom building and around the corner (about 30 yards). 10 Burpees.
Curb crawl right back to the start (about 30 yards). 10 Burpees.

Mosey to the gridiron. Pair up for 25 yard wheelbarrows, followed by 10 Booyah! Merkins. Because the field was too soggy, we moved to the upper GridIron out front of the school. Rinse and repeat 3 additional times with each partner crawling twice.

Line up for ElizabethWarren Run to grassy knoll out front of softball field. 10 burpees.

Line up for ElizabethWarren Run to grassy knoll out on the other side of the schoolhouse. 10 burpees.

Mosey to pickleball courts. Bunny hop across courts to other side. Lunge back. Suicides. Bunny hop across courts to other side. Crabwalk back. Suicides.

Mosey to nearby picnic shelter near volleyball pit. 10 Abyss Merkins, Four corners around volleyball pit with 20x merkins, 20x jump squats, 10x burpees, and 50x WWII situps (for those ahead or 20x for those trailing).

Mosey back to picnic shelter. 15x dips in cadence. 10x Inclined Merkins in cadence.

Mosey to playground. Jerkin ladder from 10x down. We only got down to about 5x and called it to get some Mary in.

Mary with mt. climbers, flutter kicks, and Rosalitas in cadence. 2 rounds of Superman/GreatestAmericanHero.

Conclude with Ring of Fire and COT with YHC taking us out.


Special mention to Adderrall who, not only gave 120% (as usual) but represented strong at last week’s 5k (and the proceeded to do an adventure race the next day). #redpill

Special mention to Baby Back who awoke at O-dark-hundred, drove his 2.0s from the far west end down to grandparents near Courthouse Rd. in Chesterfield, drove back to embrace the gloom with us, and then rinsed and repeated to retrieve the 2.0s. #dedication

Special mention to Attila who carried CircusMaximus solo last Thursday on account of a variety of excused and unexcused absences. #redpill + #dedication.

Special mention to Phonics for organizing a great 4th year convergence (and many others who contributed). #leadership

Prayers to Chum Bucket’s LOML (Caron), whose mother lost her battle with cancer two days ago. Prayers to Lab Rat, who lost his father last week. Unspoken prayers for many many others.

I am infinitely grateful for my family, my F3 family, and the opportunity to lead and contribute. Johnsonville


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