Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

PRE BLAST – RAMM — Ryder Cup Route


All – here is the planned route for tomorrow’s RAMM run.  (scroll down for those who like turn by turn directions)


It is a driver (sort of) in honor of the start of the Ryder Cup  that starts at 2:00 a.m. Eastern Friday morning.  Swirly should be up in time for the first tee shot.  Maybe he will broadcast coverage from Big Blue pre-run.

Extra points for anyone in USA Colors and/or Golf Attire for the run.  See you in the morning!

The attached route is for the 6-milers.

5-milers (actually 5.37 so gotta bust it) – same route just without the  last lap around the Mary Munford city block.

4-milers – same as 5-milers (no ending lap around the block) but at the beginning you will turn around at Patterson (not Broad) and head back and into Windsor Farms.

Turn by turn:

  • Head northeast on Commonwealth Ave to Broad (or Patterson for 4-milers)
  • Turnaround and head southwest on Commonwealth back toward MM but continue across Cary Street into Windsor Farms – street name becomes Berkshire Road
  • Continue around on Berkshire Road (past Coventry Rd and past Dover Rd) until it turns into Sulgrave Road.
  • Continue on Sulgrave Road until it splits – stay left onto Canterbury Road
  • Left onto Cambridge Rd back to Berkshire Road
  • Left onto Berkshire Rd
  • Left onto Coventry Rd
  • Right onto Oxford Rd
  • Right onto Oxford Cir – continue around until Coventry Rd
  • Left onto Coventry Rd
  • Right onto Berkshire Rd and back to the Flag for the 4 and 5 milers
  • 6 milers do a last lap around Grove, Westmoreland, Cary, Commonwealth.

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  1. They need some extra weight (period!) to keep up with the bigger hitters in the 4 and 5-mile crews…you, know, the Dali Lama himself…Big Hitter, Mr. Lama.