Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

4 Year Convergence/RVA Summer Tour Takeover


F3RVA posted at Dogpile with amazing numbers to celebrated it’s 4th birthday with a convergence that included two bootcamps and a race.  By the numbers:

  • 57 total PAX members posted between the workouts.
  • 40 Double Dipped including two 2.0s.  Outstanding you two!
  • 54 posted to the 6 AM bootcamp
  • 43 posted at 7 AM with 33 completing the 2.7 mile race.
  • All 33 runners Double Dipped.

The weather was perfect for a beatdown that included the following:

6 AM Bootcamp  (All Qs completed the RVA Summer Tour)

Mosey to Rugby Road Circle.  The PAX of 54 was so large that most PAX members performed the exercises in the road while YHC was in the tall grass.

COP:  (Phonics)

  • 9 Burpees OYO  (September)
  • 20 SSH (20th)
  • 14 Helicopters (2014)
  • 24 Invisible Jump Ropes (24 PAX members at the F3RVA Launch on September 20, 2014)
  • 13 Merkins
  • 13 Mountain Climbers (13 PAX members completed the F3RVA Summer Tour)

Q passed onto Wedding Singer

Mosey to the Carillon Field and partner up for the following

  • Partner Carry to the far end of the field and back.  Trade off when needed.
  • Wheelbarrow the width of the field.  When you reach the side, the partners switch.  Repeat.

PAX split into 2 groups.

Group One  (Qs were Hardywood, Kubota, and Sugar Sock)

  • Hardywood:   At Rusty Cage – 5 rounds of 5 pull-ups, 5 dips, and 5 burpees
  • Kubota:  At the half pipe behind amphitheater – Clockwork Merkins (Start at 12 o’clock, do even hours on one hill and odd on the other.  Work from 1 to 12.)  Set of PLT’s and Boo-Yah Merkins while waiting for the six.
  • Sugar Sock:  4 corners with 10 WWI sit ups, 20 American Hammers, 30 Box Cutters, and 40 LBCs.

Group Two (Qs were Vinny, Honeydo, and Offshore)

  • Vinny:  At the half pipe behind amphitheater – Clockwork Merkins (Start at 1 o’clock and do 5 merkins at each side of the hill until 12 o’clock
  • Honeydo: 
    • 3 sets of PLTs.
    • At Rusty Cage, partner up and do the following:  5 pull-ups, 10 jerkins, 15 dips, 20 jump squats.
  • Offshore:  Led the group on a mosey to the Carillon field.  Because of time, the Q was passed onto Rosie.

Both groups passed the Q to Rosie

5 minutes of Mary in Carillon Field

  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Dollies
  • Peter Parkers
  • Crunchy Frog
  • Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey back to SF

COT – Numberama, Name-o-rama, Announcements, Gomer Pyle took us out.

7:05 AM Bootcamp (Led by Johnsonville)

Mosey to the field in the middle of the VITA course.

  • Slaughter Starter (20 burpees OYO)
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Cherry Pickers
  • 10 Alabama Prom Dates (2 legs)
  • 10 Alabama Prom Dates (left leg up)
  • 10 Alabama Prom Dates (right leg up)
  • 16 Imperial Walkers
  • 16 Hillbillies
Bootcamp #2 begins without runners
3 rounds of BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial walkers, Merkins, Plankjacks, WW2, Sit-ups), 50 seconds on / 10 seconds off.
Between rounds, we did a bearimeter around the VITA course with 1 person crawling at a time and others zombie walking.
With runners, mosey back to the SF

7:15 AM VITA Course Race  (3 laps around the VITA course for 2.7 miles)

COP with Johnsonville
After COP, TYA divided runners into 4 groups.  PAX lined up with 6 milers in the front to 4 milers in the back.  Runners counted off from 1 to 4.
Cross Country scoring was used.  The 1st finisher was one point.  The 2nd was 2 points.  Team scores are added up with their top 5 finishers.  Lowest score wins.  Team One was victorious.
After all 33 runners completed the race, mosey with Johnsonville and the bootcamp back to the Shovel Flag.
COT – Numberama, Name-o-rama, Announcements, Shakedown took us out.
What an awesome day to lead this incredible group of men and young ladies at the 4 year convergence.  TYA had mentioned last summer that he wanted a race among among F3RVA PAX members.  Because there was no ReeseStrong 5K this year, he saw it an an opportunity to organize the 4 year convergence.  It only made since to have a bootcamp prior to the run.
As YHC planned for the bootcamp and run, he wanted others involved who had completed the RVA Summer Tour which was a ton of fun this summer.  In addition to the 9 that led the 6 am bootcamp, other Shakedown, Labrat, and Lockjaw helped organize the run.  EF Hutton, who was unable to post at convergence, also completed the summer tour.
YHC had asked Johnsonville to lead a COP prior to the run.  One reason for this is because many newer PAX members have never seen Johsonville do the Hillbilly.  Johnsonville then contacted YHC about a week and a half ago with the idea of adding an FNG friendly 7 am bootcamp.  Of course YHC said yes.
Convergence Observations
  • Instructions were given by YHC to the leaders during leaders of the 6 am bootcamp to try to stay away from challenging leg work since many PAX members would be racing after the bootcamp.  This suggestion was obviously ignored.
  • The suggestion on going easy on the legs was not given to Johnsonville as he started the COP with 20 burpees.  This leg to much moaning and wining during the burpees.  We still completed the exercise.
  • At 6 am, we started off with 9 burpees for the month F3RVA started.  Johnsonville suggested this be called the Seal Team Starter.
  • Which is better, a COP or an elbow massage from TYA?
  • Hardywood’s 2.0s are incredible.

Thank you to Pullout for bringing out the grill, the eggs, and the sausage.  The 2nd F was awesome.

Welcome Smolder!  Well done on double dipping at your first post.
  • During the 8 am COT, Shakedown notified the PAX that Labrat had lost his father that morning.  Shakedown then said a prayer for Labrat and his family.  Please continue to pray for Labrat and his family.
  • The Healing Place is going to have an 8K training teams.  It starts Saturday, September 29 and will lead up to the November 10 VCU Health 8K.  See Swiper for details.
  • Puppy Pile next Saturday, September 29 at 7:05 AM.
  • Richmond Community Toolbank Hammers & Ales – See Viral for details
  • Starting next Saturday, September 29, every Saturday until the end of the year, Marmaduke will be collecting jackets for those in need.  He can pick them up at Dogpile or Gridiron.  See Marmaduke for details.

It was an honor to lead this morning.

Gotta Run!



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  1. …an elbow massage from TYA.

    Special thanks to Phonics for pulling this together and to Pullout for his outstanding Tailgait.

    Ollie really pushed me through the 5k. Thanks again buddy.

  2. Tons of fun yesterday. We found the banner. I mean we’re gonna give it back. Enjoyed getting in a 5k with Wedding Singer alongside. Congrats to everyone on 4 years of F3RVA. So grateful to be a part of this awesome group.

  3. Solid Q and always a good time at a Convergence. Hated to have missed Pullout’s 2F spread. Maybe he can whip that up again Friday post-RAMM??

  4. Thank you to everyone who organized this…Q’s, run, food…and to Pull Out for churning out more food than humanly possible from a 20” x 7” grill. We could eat breakfast all week on that spread.

    Thanks to HoneyDo for EHing me 2.25 years ago. Love being a part of this group.

    Watching a sister – brother partner Carey was worth the monthly membership fee.

    Let’s all remember to keep Lab Rat and his family close to our hearts.

  5. Tclaps to Phonics and all the Qs and folks who helped coordinate and execute this convergence. It was awesome. I’m still sore and feeling the pain. Great running with Honeymoon and Lockjaw during the race as well. And, the 2ndF was great. Wish I could have stayed around longer.

    Respect and major thanks to those PAX members who started this great gift 4 years ago and to everyone’s effort for building and strengthening it since. It is so powerful.

    Love and prayers to the LabRat family!

    Can’t wait to see you fellas in the gloom and continue to see this group grow for many more years.

  6. Thanks to Phonics for putting the convergence together and Pullout for the food spread. Had a great time, cross country race was fun. Thanks to Splinter and Marv for letting me draft through the race. Welcome Smolder with the impressive first post DD.

  7. 2 things:

    1) Thanks for all the outpouring of love from this group as we lay my dad down. Your calls and texts mean the world to me.

    2) Who won the race?

  8. Who do you think? Phonics won the individual and his team stacked with Saab and Hardywood won overall.

  9. Phonics has been waiting patiently for this opportunity to lay the smack down on the PAX in his race and on his terms… Mission Accomplished.

    TYA will be keeping official handicaps for the next race so there won’t be any sandbaggers.

  10. Thanks to phonics for putting together an outstanding event, and special t-claps for pullout on the food.
    Was an honor to be a part of year 4 of F3RVA. Here’s to many more.

  11. Way to go Phonics! Great job on the Q and thanks for taking the lead on this. I loved seeing 54 strong. Make it a great week fellas.