Wednesday, January 19
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Hill Has Eyes


YHC arrived obscenely early (5:28) to find a lone Rosie Mobile waiting in the Bettie Weaver lot. On the mark, a PAX of two set off to wage a battle of Mind vs Minutes. The idea is simple: run for five minutes, stop and do things for five minutes, then repeat. Here’s how it went:

Mosey up Twin Team Hill (got about 3/4 to summit). Stop for COP: SSH (sideways on hill), DQ, Russian Soldiers, uphill WWIIs, derkins, lunge uphill until time. It was here that Doozy found us and the PAX became three.

Mosey back to Bettie’s Bus Loop. One man posted on each end of the straightaway doing LBCs and squats, respectively, while 3rd man bear crawls the length (and what a length it was…). Swap out when the bear reaches you until time.

Mosey behind JRHS to the tires. Flip a tire for five minutes.

Mosey the long way back to Bettie for regular ol’ triple check: one merkin followed by a 5-count (and repeat), WWIIs, and run the front circle.

6:15 waits for no man, so from there it was numbers, names, ‘nouncements.


YHC has a much easier time mentally regulating a set number of exercises, and a time with an indefinite rep count messes with my head…which was the point. From the first running set, it was clear that five minutes is a much longer time than expected. YHC is becoming more interested in the sorts of exercise routines that challenge the mind as much as the body.

Kudos to Doozy for finding us in the dark! Rosie had just commented on the animals who were likely watching our Russian Soldiers with interest from the woods, when from below a light came bobbing up Twin Team. The hill truly did have eyes this morning.



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  1. Impressive for Doozy to find us on the hill. Good Q Mr. Holland, I got some ideas to use another day. 5 run 5 other concept is a good one, also liked the merkin with plank.

  2. Thanks Mr. Holland, someone needs to shoot this bear, he is tired from the crawls. I had to look at an HVAC system in a low crawl space this morning too, so the work out goes on.

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