Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What time do you want to start?


First, YHC hopes everyone in F3 nation is safe after yesterday’s crazy weather in RVA.

YHC arrived to No Toll this morning to complete darkness…parking lot lights broke!!! 0520, YHC only one present…..and than by 0530, 14 F3 Soldiers arrived to start the day off right. YHC’s watch light is questionable at times so with the darkness came DK and Rosie,  who asked The Q, “Flatline, what time do you want to start?” YHC loves this peanut gallery…0530 and a few seconds……time to mosey!!

COP….x25 Box Cutters, x20 Freddie Mercuries, x 15 Flutter Kicks, x 30 SSH, x 25 Copperhead Squats, x 20 Arm Circles (Forward), x20 Arm Circles (Backward), x 20 Imperial Walkers…..time to mosey over to shelter at soccer fields.

Triple Check (Good Ole Fashion)…..partner 1=Merkins, partner 2= dips, partner 3=runs across soccer field, x 20 Freddie Mercuries and back. Switch, and repeat. Gotta love triple checks….it is just a great go too!!! Next….

Relay Race. YHC divided teams up in two….attempt to be even. Team 1 and Team 2 mosey to opposite end of soccer fields away from the parking lot. Each team mate planking while a team mate is running to touch small soccer goals. Wilson F’d everything up by starting earlier and easily having 100 yard head start…..he was Team 1. Team 1 finished ahead of Team 2 by same distance as Wilson cheating….so YHC did not declare a winner!! A little competition never hurt anyone!! Mosey to the basketball courts.

Form a line on the end line and PAX assumes the Bear Crawl position. Bear Crawl Run around the basketball court with last man bear crawling to the front-YHC stated 5 laps but with 1 lap completed and PAX mumbling in disbelief, audible called…..reverse it but with lunges in reverse and front PAX member running backwards to the end of the line to retrace the route just crawled! 2 laps completed!!

Dora-cides. Partner up. Partner 1 runs normal suicides. Partner 2 performs x 200 Flutter kicks. Switch, repeat until completion. Exercise 2, x 200 Squats. Exercise 3, x 200 Freddie Mercuries. 2 Minutes to spare and the PAX let YHC know it, too.

Merkin Positions. IC x 10 Merkins and IC x 5 HR Merkins. 0615=DONE!!

Numeber-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements: Convergence at Dogpile this weekend. Dogs and Kids.

YHC took us out!!

NMS-YHC needs a new watch to see in the dark. DK and Rosie, thank you for the verbal que to start.  As for the relay race, there was a more formal way to tag out but Wilson had to cheat to start off….F3 PAX members love a little competition!! Good to see Sugar Sock back in The Gloom!! YHC has to admit leading a Q a week hopefully doesn’t leading to boring workouts!

Oyster has speed!!

All is right with F3 RVA as 14 regular SOJ men posted this morning!!

Men, we are blessed so never take it for granted!!  In darkness, this PAX shines light!!

Thank you for following this morning.

Loud and Proud,




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  1. Good Q, Flatline and it’s great to be back out in the gloom! I have some work to do to catch back up- flange so sorry you ended up with so many of the reps in the Dora!

  2. You can always count on some sprints from Flatline. Sugar Sock is full of crap, y’all saw him catch and pass me, right? Not that I’m fast – ?

    Nice work Flatline. Good to be at No Toll and see the clown car with Hollywood and the guys ?

  3. Good Q, Flatline. Great to see all out and it was a pleasure to partner up, Sugar. This group will get you back to full strength in a hurry! Thanks for the good conversation, Roper…forgot I had two other guys waiting for me to get back from the cross field run…sorry, Flatline-Tobit!

  4. Nice Q, Flatline! Pure beatdown in the gloom. I typically only sprint when someone or something is chasing me and I can’t remember the last time that occurred so…

  5. Flatline – it’s not cheating! Just following directions quickly. That was a hell of a run and even with my early start, Flange hunted me down and got the kill. Fun workout.

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