Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Obstructed Breathing


12 galloping gazelles, one rover on two wheels, one owl whisperer, and one lanky giraffe gathered in the swamp that was Spider Run this morning.  No one signed up for the Q so YHC enthusiastically called River Run to avoid all the downed trees and power lines.  A few lower body tweaks here and there but no electrocutions.  All in all a successful morning.

The Route
Across the bridge.  4 milers do the half clover leaf and return.  5 milers to Rockfalls and return.  6 milers a few hundred yards past the Williams dam and return.  A few spartans braved Custis and reached the summit at Cherokee.  Kudos to Swirly, Sippy and Swiper? who made that decision.

The air was thick that day my friend.  Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.  The PAX got about 50 feet out before the great humidity beast appeared before us.  I tell you it was 100% if it was 10%.  As if sensing our presence, he let out a great bellow.  The PAX said… “easy big fella”.  Then as we all struggled, we realized something was obstructing our breathing.  From the path we were running we could see right into the eye of the great beast.

From out of nowhere, a huge trough of stale air sat on us like an oppressive regime, it opened our pores and we found ourselves face to face with the great humidity beast  We had tears streaming down our faces.  We could barely see it was so thick, but we knew something was there.  So we slogged forward, step by step until we pulled out the obstruction.

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Well, it was not a Titleist out there today but it certainly felt like I was running with an obstruction in my blow hole.  What a ridiculous morning to try and run.  Great job to everyone out there.  Go out and be the best that we can be, this weather has to be past us soon.


Convergence this weekend, PuppyPile the following weekend, CSAUP 10/20.  Plenty of opportunities for brotherhood and fatherhood.

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job guys way to work ! Thanks for taking the Q Splinter.
    Sippy the hill was no joke – great running with you and Swiper there for a while – thanks for checking back on me the at the end man – appreciate that . Think I can get the 6 miles in in 45min if it’s flat – but add a nice hill and a bit of an ankle tweak and we are more like 50min. Thanks for waiting on me guys.
    See y’all in the gloom.

  2. I think I ran with Pucker this morning. Couldn’t see him in the pea soup. Great conversation with someone. Parked my car on the 14th green at CCV due to down trees. It was there when I got back. Still sweating.

  3. If you’re talking about Boone’s Farm, then yes I was raised on a farm.

    My sister visited this weekend from Philly, and both mornings she was awakened by one of our roosters (we have 2 at the moment…and only need/want 1….anybody need a rooster?). She made the comment that she enjoys coming to visit because it always feels like she’s visiting a farm.

  4. 2 roosters sounds like an undesirable situation. If I were a rooster I would want to be the only one in the henhouse.