Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cutting through the Humidity…wait, is that Iron Man?


4 PAX posted to River Run this morning to see what Gumbo had in store and it was an extra thick roux we had to run through this morning as the humidity was a million %.  Add in some headwinds and a little steady drizzle and it was a little soupy this morning, but that could not stop this foursome from logging some miles.

Traditional Tarrington route was called.  Rosie lit up his new shoe-lights and led the way.  We mostly stuck together for the first couple miles, then Rosie pulled away from me and Shakedown up the long Ashwell hill.  Then, in a move that only Rosie would do, he turned and went back down the big hill to scoop up Sugar Sock and pull him up the hill…well done, Rosie.  As he turned to come back toward Shakedown and me, Rosie looked like Iron Man with his headlamp and two shoe lights…looked 7 feet tall…BEAST!

Shakedown and I said “go get ’em Rosie” and continued on across Robious and through the “bush” to Twin Team, though our first attempt to enter the bush found thorns and prickers…ACCESS DENIED.

On the way down Twin Team, Shakedown’s internal system called an audible and he made a b-line back to to BWES to visit Gumbo’s Blue Box (it’s actually green).  YHC charged a small usage fee but continued on around the high school for 5 miles.  All convened back at BWES for COT, COR, NOR and Announcements.

No new announcements – just bring a friend to Dogpile this weekend for 4-year convergence.  See everyone there.

YHC took us out with prayers for our brethren to the South in the Carolinas.

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Well done guys! Rosie, appreciate you scooping me. Not sure I knew where the last turn was but I did have my phone on me in case I fell back. Doing that hill twice deserves some respect!
    I’ll judge my progress coming back from the Ebola virus by how long I am able to keep up with gumbo and the group as he has the Q for the next two months while he trains for the half.

  2. I think it’s time to break out the tree clippers, Sugar Sock and I did not find the cut through path either and opted to run down Robious to Twin Team. Glad Sugar Sock is 100% Ebola free. The new foot lights will make their way back out now that the gloom stays for the full 45. All part of the Ms plan to keep me highly visible.

  3. Quite a sight to behold and impossible to miss with all that light. Might be a new F3RVA trend in the making. Good run guys. I think I finally stopped sweating.