Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Herding Cats at Dogpile


May it please the court (Wilson told me to talk like I’m addressing the Supreme Court), 40 posted to show the greater Richmond area school systems how its done. Rain or shine. Dogpile was not cancelled on Tuesday. The show must go on. Here is how it went, and/or was supposed to go.

COP: Helicopters x 10 / LBCs x 10 /Scorpion Kicks x 10  – ALL IC

THANG: 20 two count merkin burpees at the flag. Mosey to Police Memorial. 20 Apollo Creed burpees (10 each arm). Mosey to the tennis courts. 20 Flying Squirrel burpees. Crab walk 11s with WWIIs and LBCs – doubles line to doubles line. Triple Check 1: tennis court line tracers – all lines out and back … finish where you started. Paired with squats and SSHs. Triple Check 2: PLTs and suicides – end lines only – two courts across. Partner up: Wheelbarrow from doubles line to doubles line; one court. Switch and repeat. Backwards wheelbarrow from doubles line to doubles line. Switch and repeat. Mosey to the VITA course. 5 heels to heaven at each exercise station until we reached the road. 20 (F3RVA) regulation burpees. Back to the Flag.

Mary: 101 flutter kicks IC

Wilson took us out.

Announcements: 4 year anniversary at Dogpile on Saturday to be followed by a 7:00 VITA course relay. Also at 7:00, Johnsonville will be leading a separate/second Dogpile bootcamp for FNGs or whoever else would like to join. 8:00 starts the cookout. See Phonics.  9/29 – Puppy Pile. 10/20 – CSAUP at Batteau. 7:00 a.m. start, I believe.

NMS: It was great having 40 guys (and gal) out to Dogpile today. Supposedly the most well attended Dogpile of 2018. 39 would’ve been a better number. Love you Wilson! The “hurricane” cancelled all of the weekend activities, leaving the PAX with nothing else better to do than join YHC for a beatdown. The plan went mostly as intended, but some silent audibles were definitely called.The 101 flutter kicks at the end were your parting gifts for being such a good audience.

At ETs TYA asked me if I kept everyone under control, to which I replied, maybe, somewhat, not really. To which he replied, “that’s what I heard” followed by the classic TYA laugh. Also, Wilson offered to take me to Q school. Do they teach kickers how to miss wide right there? YHC hopes everyone had a great time today, despite the – at times – herding of cats. I know I did. Oh, and Swirly bought oats for his balls.

Res Ipsa Loquitur – the beatdown speaks for itself.

P.S. Glad to have One Call with us today from Myrtle Beach. I hope you and your folks down there make it through unscathed. Let us know if we can help a brother out.


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  1. Had a blast today folks. Thank you again for the opportunity to lead. It’s always a challenge, and it’s always worth it.

  2. Great Q Vinny! It’s not easy to Q 40 guys (and gal) who all either like to talk or tell you how to Q. Enjoy the variety of Burpees (not really)!

    Glad to have One Call up form SC. Enjoy partnering with you as well.

    Have a great weekend fellas!

  3. Lots of fun and great Mumblechatter this morning! Way to work to all my partners! Nice shot with the tennis ball, Labrat! I would have to say that Flipper and I make a great wheelbarrow duo, forward and backward! Great to see you back out, Flipper and when did you learn to run so fast!? Great job Vinny with the large crowd. 40 people coming out for your Q! That’s a lot of respect. Great time at ET’s. Have a great weekend all!

  4. Great Q Vinny and awesome turnout. We all know how a COP circle of 40 PAX members makes Swirly’s morning. It was a lot of fun, except those variety show Burpees! Sorry I have to get a takeout order from ET’s and miss all the post-beatdown fellowship. Next time.

  5. Vinnie-nothing but love for you also! For as much mumble chatter we gave you, you provided a hell of a beat down. Vandelay – two weeks in a row we have partnered up. Perfect match up for partner carries. lol. Well done fellas. Check for ticks!

  6. Tough to work with that many guys. You did well. I’m sore. What else matters? ???

    One arm burpees are nonsense though – for future reference ?

  7. Great workout, Vinny. Excellent variety, both in terms of the exercises you called (which I now understand after reading the backblast) and in terms of the exercises I actually performed. Could have sworn you called out “Hollow Tree Burpees”, not that it would have changed what I looked like doing them. Regardless, it was a heck of a challenge, great camraderie, and the best way to spend a Saturday morning. Thanks for leading.

  8. Ha! It would’ve been a really long Weinke. Yes, the camaraderie is truly awesome. So blessed to be a part of this group.

  9. Nice work this morning. COP in the mud with double-clutch burpees to start the day…it was destined to be a mudder. Tough mudder, fun mudder.

  10. Great job Vinny and way to bring it pax! 40 is no joke. This is one of the best parts of my week. Make it a great one fellas!