Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Crocs


The morning started with a few question marks…What to do with the beatdown, how many would actually post, would there be any out of town visitors, and how much rain/wind would there be?  The 6 strong that posted had all the answers plus some at the end of the beatdown.  A potential visitor that reached out for a down range beatdown didn’t post but Wedding Singer brought his nephew from Wilmington whose family is sheltering with the Singer’s to ride out the storm.

With all 6 ready to go and a few headlamps distributed the PAX headed off together down James River Road.  After confirming that the Egg can hear but not repeat any foul language heard, he’s 14 of course he’s heard it all,  a brief recap of the JITFO acronym was laid out.  Follow that up with some high knees, butt kickers, slide left and slide right to loosen the legs.  Stop at the intersection of Riverton Ridge to loosen the arms. Arm Circles, odd numbers (more than 10 small/5 big) were used.  YHC was questioned whether the use of additional arm circles was Corporate approved, always.  Enough with the warm up.

Run up Riverton Ridge to the first intersection, 100 SSH.  Run to the median split, 75 Mtn. climbers, run to the roundabout, 50 2ct flutter kicks, run up the hill to the right, 25 merkins, Run up the hill to the Ashwell intersection 5 burpees.  Back down, stopping at each spot with 25 werkins, 50 Freddie Mercuries, 75 Alternating shoulder taps, 100 squats.  Run around the back of the school, stopping for Dollies along the way.  Find the pull up bar.  5 pull ups, go across the monkey bars.  5 more pull ups.  Past the stadium to the parking lot for Mary.  5 burpees, sprint across the parking lot.  Back to the flag for a Ring of Fire, significant flair with Tobit and Egg that started the trend of clap merkins around the circle.


First off prayers for those in the path of the hurricane.  There could be a significant amount of damage and hopefully the advance warnings have gotten most of the people out of the area.  Glad Egg could make it out but his brother Chicken was nursing an injury and didn’t get to experience the beatdown.  Great work Egg, he provided some comic relief in namearama when Singer told him what to say and he was self proclaimed “scrambled”.  Apparently the beatdown scrambled whatever it was in his stomach this morning.

Tclaps to Gumbo for running 2 miles to and from the AO with knowledge that YHC was going to try to get him some miles during the beatdown.  The “campus” of Twin Team is so big, it is not necessary to go off campus but heading up the road on a string of pearls with some hills added to the fun.  Tobit was flying around in the lead and seems to be in top running form.  A brief bout of heavier wind and rain died down and the PAX was left with a light mist and breeze through the morning.  Congrats to Mr. Roper and condolences to his M on his purchase of a new pair of Crocs.  His deteriorated a few months ago so who knows what he was walking around in since then.  He will stop at nothing to get a new pair, even sneaking into Bass Pro after hours.

Apologies to Singer’s nephew and his sister-in-law for pushing Egg to the limit, although part of me thinks his father, a Marine, would be proud of his 2.0s effort this morning.

Great work today men, stay dry.


  • 9/22 – 4 year F3RVA anniversary convergence  Dogpile, 6 am beatdown, 7 am running
  • 9/29 – Puppy Pile
  • 10/20 – CSAUP on the trails

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  1. I’m still laughing about that. ‘Scrambled’. Told Chum this morning. Hope the kid is doing alright since the merlot made an appearance, I went to work. He forgot one of my gloves, but maybe I’d rather not retrieve it. Thanks Rosie, way to make a refugee feel welcome!

  2. I’m thinking you’ve got a natural talent for great Q’s, Rosie! Enjoyed exploring even more of the Twin Team AO this morning.

    Disappointed, though, that Mr. Roper didn’t show off his new pair of Crocs.

    Hope Egg is feeling better. He was definitely pushing hard this morning and crushed it all.

  3. Nothing better or more evident of a great beatdown than when guys forget their name or age or how to speak in COT…today’s proclamation of “scrambled” was a classic. Too funny!

    Great Q Rosie and great work everyone! SYITG

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