Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour de Doors


YHC pulled up to the AO early to see a light making it’s way around the track a couple times.  As the other PAX started to roll in Oyster emerged from the gloom after getting in some extra credit track time.  He was apparently concerned that since YHC had the Q he wouldn’t get enough of a beatdown in the standard 45 minutes.  Let’s see what we can do about that.  The New Market Clown car emptied out and just as FNG (Gerry) pulled up the PAX was off and picked him up on the way out.

Warmup with Don Quixote, Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, LBC

Partner up for Dora in the bus parking lot.  Partner 1 runs around the median and back while partner 2 does 100 merkins, 200 Squats, 300 Flutter Kicks (2ct)

JITFO (See a BRR participant for the story on this one) to the front of the school to find Door #1.  Doors 1-5 do the door # burpees.  Doors 6-10 – Box Cutters, Doors 11-15 – Squats, Door 16 – merkins, Doors 17-18 LBC, Door 19 – merkins?, Doors 20-21 LBC, Door 22 – American Hammers (per Tobit), Door 23 Crunchy Frogs

Take a break to make sure Wilson doesn’t have a concussion after running into a school sign.  Curb Crawls up to 5.  YHC thinks the main reason Honeymoon doesn’t wear gloves is so he has an excuse not to do bear crawls on pavement.

Back to the shovel flag for Mary – Dollies, APD, Cross Leg Lifts, American Hammers.  Ring of Fire with Flair

Numbers/Names and Wilson took us out.


First off, welcome Peaches.  He reached out through the website after a friend from GA told him to find F3.  His attendance will be limited due to scheduling conflicts but hopefully he can become a regular.  This group will help in more ways than the physical fitness.  YHC wanted to give Peaches a taste of what we typically do and what better way than what was done at my first post but a Dora with some bear crawls thrown in.

The New Market Clown Car was in full effect this morning with 5 popping out of what YHC is picturing as a Yugo.  It probably was not but the story is better if it is.  Way to bring it fellas.  Wilson had room to bring a hug for everyone, even Peaches when he found out he was a fellow Bills fan.  The hugs were just Wilson’s way of coping with having a rookie QB starting for his team now.  Great to see Cerrano back out and pushing through everything.  Beaker and Oyster were happy to have some company after the dynamic duo hit the AO for their first unofficial Qs last week.  Wilson was checking out the bike racks when a lightpole mounted banner sign popped out and smacked him in the forehead.  Seeing no blood he continued the workout.  YHC had him close us out to check for signs of a concussion, all seemed well.  Hope the knot on your head isn’t too bad.

With a Dora and partnering with someone like Gumbo, the first runner does not have many merkins left to do after the first run.  Depends on who you are on whether that is a problem or not.  Props to Marmaduke for helping Peaches out through the Dora, no man left behind.  It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.


  • 9/22 – 4 Yr F3RVA convergence at Dogpile 6am w/ 7am run and cookout after
  • 9/29 – Puppy Pile – Marv’s in charge

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  1. Great Q as usual Rosie. Guess I need to post to Twin Team tomorrow to find out what JITFO means…thank God Mr. Holland doesn’t have the Q. Not that Rosie is much better, but I’m hoping he wants to explore something other than Twin Team…pretty please!

    Great work this morning guys. The effort and the mumblechatter were both A+. Loved it.

    Peaches – welcome brother. Take a look at the schedule and post when you can. We’d love to see you out any day – lots of options this side of town during the week.

  2. Welcome Peaches! Way to work men, and great leadership Rosie! Wilson is now in concussion protocol like most of the Bills roster! See ya in the gloom boys!

  3. A little 1 mile warm up never hurt anyone but counting how many doors are at Tomahawk does!! Ask Wilson.

  4. Welcome Peaches and GO BILLS! Now about that bike rack…the original question was why is it located behind benches! The new question is why in the hell would a facility guy hang a banner so low? Friggin lazy. Take the big ladder off the truck. Ugg! Yeah, it got me good. Actually did break skin and Wilson’s Wife doctored me up. Rosie that workout was no joke. Well done! Nice job by Oyster with the extra cred run!