Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Cumulative Effect


A stable of finely tuned specimens gathered in the early morning mist to clang some weight around.  Once White Deer offered a warm welcome to each warrior, here is how it went down:

  • COP
      • 10 BOYO
      • 25 2x LBC
      • 15 scorpion kicks
      • 10 2x merkins
      • 15 arm circles (10 small, 5 big) each way
      • 10 cherry pickers
      • 20 hillbillies
      • 15 SSH
  • Mosey down the back drive toward the practice fields – stop 2x for 15 lawnmower pulls with each arm
  • Cumulative beast – add an additional exercise for each leg
    • High pulls
    • High pulls, sit ‘n presses, KB swings
    • High pulls, sit ‘n presses, KB swings
    • High pulls, sit ‘n presses, KB swings, weighted squats
    • High pulls, sit ‘n presses, KB swings, weighted squats, halos
  • Mosey back down the back drive towards the invisible shovel flag – stop 2x for 15 lawnmower pulls with each arm
  • COT with YHC taking us out

This is a variation of a workout Mr. Holland introduced at Heartbreak last week.  Its cumulative impact seemed ideal for KBs.  YHC is hoping he feels this one all day!  Today’s cumulative workout finished with 180 high pulls, 144 sit ‘n presses, 108 KB swings, 72 weighted squats, 36 halos and 60 lawnmover pulls with each arm.  If only we had an hour to finish out that beast!

Great work by the PAX today.  There was limited mumblechatter, but a great workmanlike approach by the PAX.  Great to have the Tuckahoe clown car back in the mix.  We will continue to have some extra KBs for these men.  Welcome back Carlton and P-Trap.  Good work men, and see you again soon.  As always, Johnsonville had a strong showing.  White Deer took no prisoners.

Announcements included lunch today at Chipotle (between Cox and Gaskins) at 12 noon for those interested.  Convergence on September 22nd at Dogpile.  Boot camp workout at 6 am and run/competition at 7 am.

God is good all the time!



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  1. Nice Q, Attila! Gonna be sore today and possibly tomorrow. Great showing at Circus this morning. Tuckahoe pax will be sure to bring their own kb’s next time and the right weights. Have a great day!

  2. Enjoyed kettlebel time again at Circus, nice Q Attila! Moving from 20 to 25lbs was challenging, going to feel it all day…

  3. Great Q Atilla! Glad there was’t enough time to finish the last round. White Deer did enjoy the fresh tender tasty sod. Glad to hear my musical band Members join in this beautiful morning. Not everyone was on key, but Atilla was definitely hitting some low notes.