Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Smell the Glove


Five of the Faithful posted to a GridIron workout, one of whom (Attila) wore cheap-o rubber gloves infused with putrid funk gathered over many weeks of sweaty workouts. I could smell Attila’s vomit-inducing gloves from at least 20 feet away. YHC offered to start a GoFundMe page so he could spring for $2.50 to buy a fresh pair. In any case, this is what went down, more or less:

Warmup with 50x SSH, hand release merkins, Imperial Walkers, Crab Cakes, Merkins

Mosey to block building for Donkey Kick Ciabattas
Mosey to main gridiron field for Bearcrawl / Crawlbear
Stay on field for Crabwalk / Walkcrab Ciabattas
Mosey down to lower field for FourSquare —
Run perimeter of field, sprinting last leg.
Repeat springing last 2 legs.
Repeat sprinting last 3 legs.
Repeat sprinting all legs.
Mosey around to pillers of pain. People’s chair
Pole Smoker Ciabattas. More People’s chair
Mosey to front of school for Merkin ladder — 10 wide, 9 regular, 8 close, 7 wide … etc. to 0.
Triple check with more People’s chair and box cutters.

COT with YHC taking us out.

During the longish mosey from the school back to the VSF, Attila tried to slip his gross gloves into the back of White Deer’s shirt. White Deer, being rather expert at adolescent practical jokes was guarded, and slipped away. Adderall was a beast, finishing ahead on most exercises. There was not a usual coffeeteria on account of weekend schedules.

Thanks for letting me lead! Jville


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