Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just 3 Pikeys…


3 warriors braved the September fog to own the Source of Truth.

YHC was asked to move his car to make way for the “bad bus driver”, and we were underway…


Mosey to front of school for COP: SSHs, DQs, Russian Soldiers, LBCs, Bob & Weaves

Mosey to East end of AO along Midlothian Turnpike for Burpee Turnpike: run down the turnpike, burpee at every light until we reach the first traffic light.

Continue the same to the next 2nd light…

Lunge down entrance to Pleasants Hardware (Midlothian) shopping center.

Mosey to shopping center sidewalk for Three Poles: stop at each pole – 10 merkins at first, 20 LBCs at second, 20 WWIIs at third…repeato until we reach the corner.

Bear crawl past YouFit Fitness to Pleasants.

Lunge back to corner…audible to backwards lunch after halfway.

Mosey to 3 poles for 3 minutes of Pole Smokers.

Mosey back to school for 3 minutes of mary: Hello Dollies, Freddie Mercuries, Dying Cockroaches

Mosey around back of school, identify “The Top”, crawl bear to “The Bottom”.

5 Hill repeats: The Bottom to The Top

Mosey back to VSF for 3 minutes of Mary: American Hammers, Rosalitas & LBCS

COP: YHC took us out with a moment of silence for Sept 11 and inbound Hurricane Florence

BRR is in 51 weeks
4 Year convergence Sept 20

Even the BRR can’t prevent Rosie from crushing whatever the Q throws at him.

Great to have EF Hutton visit the SOJ 2 days in a row.

There’s an independent coffee shop in that shopping center (at least YHC thinks it’s independent)

YouFit Fitness centers are really green and really purple…


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  1. Good times DK, the track is not well lit but the Turnpike is, burpee Pike is a beast, glad we didn’t reverse course.

  2. West Side, South Side, North Side, the Bandandit loves to travel. Never regret a trip to NoToll or SOT.